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My first herpes outbreak


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Hi! I haven't been on here in a very long time. I think I just wanted to ignore hsv-2 for awhile. I was diagnosed this past February and lost it. This year has been insane, but boy have I learned.


A few days ago I got my first real lesion/outbreak. I started a new job in a daycare which I've always wanted. But I think working with lots of coughing sneezing kids got to me. It itched and itched and then opened up. Even washing up hurts a bit. I'm kinda scared that it's really going to hit now, and reappear constantly. Or pop up on my lips. I just don't know what to think. My anxiety and depression have taken a slight tumble which probably makes it worse. My bf says he wishes there was a cure but I don't want to even hold out on that possibility.


Just feeling very down, and kind of dirty. ;-/ Sucks how shameful this thing can make you feel. Anyway, thanks for any tips or help. <3

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hi, im assuming you have H1 orally given your description? approximately 80% of the worlds population has H1, its not considered a big deal. there are things you can do to mitigate its impact and work around it. I personally have H2 down under so I cant really help you with the day to day but it does get better. you have a skin condition and that's it.

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dere, now that I reread your OP I saw the hsv2. its sunday, im a guy and its mandatory that I drink beer, lol. and of course now im guessing lips meant the lower pair? ( fyi no such thing as tmi here, trust me ive read some stuff. haha)


your not dirty, not at all. its a skin condition that's all. would you engage in intimate contact with a flu? im guessing no so how is it different?


no cure in sight, maybe a therapeutic or a vaccine in 5+ years. live your life and tell your BF there are plenty of really hot guys with H out there who would love to meet you ;)

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Haha! Wish I had a beer. And I actually meant the lips on my face! But it's okay, there really is no room to be prude on here. Lol


Sometimes I get a funny burning sensation but I'm not sure if I'm just thinking too hard and making myself feel little things. Smh.


And I will tell him right now! :)

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H2 orally is extremely rare. less than 1% of herpes cases. I know I have had some itchiness on my upper lip and such. turned out I needed to trim my mustache, an issue im assuming you don't have.


heres a Bluemoon for you.


couldn't have H1 orally also? ive had oral H2, ocular herpes and whitlow in my mind since my diagnosis. all of which proved to be untrue.

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When I got tested the doc said I only had hsv-2, so maybe I am just overthinking things. It might just be time to trim this mustache. ;-) lol!


I think I'm just freaking about people knowing about it/actually seeing it on my face. Plus I'm itching a bit in other places and that's how this one started. WAH!

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It's late, I have a bunch more of these discussions to check in on, so gotta keep this brief but you already got good info. No, you shouldn't get an OB on your lips... it doesn't travel through the body and H2 doesn't like the lips anyway...


Have you tried any of these options to help get the OB under control? If you attack it from the outside as well as the inside (are you taking L-Lysine or Antivirals) you can usually cut back the OB time an intensity quite a bit.









Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum


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Great!! Thank you Dancer and Inka!


I think a big part of all of this is just stress and being around snotty babies. lol I'm feeling really weak today. But I think the lesion is scabbing a bit. Hooray! :)


Thanks y'all <33



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