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an idea for the forum

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I know pics cant be posted, and for good reason but I was thinking a bump pic area, vetted by a moderator of course wouldn't be a bad idea. im talking only positively IDed by a swab pics of both various types of herpes sores and other non herpes sores/bumps. I know my old n fugly self has some bumps ive had concerns about and lets face it, googling it doesn't help.

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I was thinking the same thing! Mine didn't look ANYTHING like pictures on Google or even like a blister. Mine looked like pimples. I only found one site that said that they could look like that, so I was just thinking I had a pimple until more and more started showing up.


I'm trying to find pictures of the healing stages and can't seem to find that either.

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It's funny at work today, one of my managers was talking about starting up a nonprofit for high school girls to talk about life, boys, school, sex, etc., since she's close to their age (she's 20) and a lot of girls don't have someone who will be straight up and real with them. We got on the topic if STDs and how our sex ed programs used scare tactics like showing us horrible pictures of STDs. She said, "Yeah, I really don't think that herpes probably looks THAT bad. That's gotta be worst case scenario." I just giggled to myself and took the opportunity to share some facts about how common it is and that you can get HSV1 genitally. I told her to share those and similar facts. I would've said more, but I didn't want her to be like how do you know so many facts about H :P

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Well, here's a thought. If she is THAT progressive, it won't matter to her if you opened up to her .. and maybe offer to help with getting her accurate info on H or even talking to the girls yourself..... I know that may seem scary at first but you may find it very empowering. Think about it ;)


Otherwise... just tell her you did some homework because you were dating and felt the need to be informed, and send her the links to the handouts and stuff on here :)

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