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Tingling from herpes?


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I was diagnosed with genital H 11 years ago. Aside from my initial OB, I have had only one other OB that involved sores. Since then I have not had any OB, well any visible ones that I know of. I was with someone for 7+ yrs and we never used protection and he never contracted it.


I had a tingling feeling down there on my outer vagina lips two days ago. It wasn't painful. It lasted here and there for seconds throughout the day. Feels no different than tingling I feel on any other part of my body. I had also shaved down there that day. It's been so long since I've had to think about this. So much so, my gyno basically said it's not a concern for me anymore. I just don't know if what i felt was H symptoms or just nerve itching. I have looked in the mirror and have not don't see any sores, no pain when I pee, no redness or swelling.


Can the tingling be any number of things or was that an OB symptom?


Thank you in advance for your help!

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My guess would be what you're feeling is prodrome or viral shedding. I have had plenty of times where I could swear there's an outbreak about to come on due to slight burning/tingling but nothing ends up happening. If nothing happens, I assume viral shedding (the herpes virus sheds about 10-20% of the time) and if an outbreak does happen, then it's prodrome. Either way, that tingling is signaling that the virus is traveling the nerves to the surface of the skin. It's great to be aware of this sensation so you can keep your partner(s) safe.

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Thank you! OK I did have sex that day, so do I need to be fearful that he contracted it? Or was that a warning sign that trouble is on it's way? My gyno told me bc it had been so many years without that I no longer need to have "the talk" I haven't had any burning of any kind. I haven't had any burning and the tingling I felt was similar to an itch/tingling I feel on my leg, arm etc.

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WHAT??? Your gyno actually told you that you don't have to have the herpes talk with potential partners? Wow. Uh oh. There is always a chance of passing herpes on, even if you've never had an actual physical outbreak. Hence the whole viral shedding phenomenon. You should always let your potential partners know. I would have a talk with this guy if I were you. Have you read the disclosure ebook?

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disclosure ebook? She said bc it had been over 8 yrs since I've had an ob although it isn't cured and will remain in my blood stream but my body has basically managed to fight off it getting to the surface. I mean with someone 7 years and he's never been contracted.

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