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Question about OBs and Antivirals

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I have been off of Acyclovir now for about a week. The dr only gave me 10 days worth of meds to take to clear up the initial outbreak symptoms. For 2 days now I've noticed that internal itch came back, and the weird tingling inside as well but its not as intense as it was the first time. However, I do have sharp excruitiating pain that starts in my middle toe and it only happens on the left side where the herpes made its entrance. I noticed this same sharp pain during my first OB as well but it went away after taking the meds. Should I ask for suppressive therapy? The guy I'm dating takes Valtrex everyday he says it keeps him from shedding and suffering from OBs. So maybe I should try that also?

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I had intense itching for maybe a week after I finished my dose. I had mild itching for about another week or so. My OBGYN said that it was likely due to the healing process. Sure enough, once everything healed completely, it went away.


The pain could be nerve pain caused by H, but I haven't heard of it starting in the toe. It's usually closer to the spine, such as hip, lower back, butt, etc. The pain I get in my hip is excruciating as well and gets better with meds.


Suppressive therapy is up to you. I can't tell you what's best for you. Personally, I think if the symptoms are manageable and you aren't dating someone H negative, then episodic is the way to go. Antivirals can be rough on your liver.


Just wanted to note that suppressive therapy will NOT prevent him from shedding. It will make it less likely and reduce OBs, but they cannot 100% prevent either.

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as ivory said, antivirals only lower the shedding time not get rid of it . however if I read that right, you both have hsv? and im assuming genitally and 2? if so, unless for quality of life why are you taking antivirals? you cant give each other more of the virus. im confused.

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Yea I think it's all personal preference when it comes to suppressive/episodic therapy. I went off antivirals after my initial ob cleared up and I went 7-8 weeks without an OB.. Once I had my second I decided to go on suppressive for peace of mind.. Since being on suppressive I've had 2 more.. One lasted 2 days and the other never had sores actually form. I'm not currently in a relationship, but I am sort of "seeing" a guy who I'm pretty sure is H- so if he happens to accept me this way (cross your fingers, disclosure coming soon :-/ ), I'll sort of already have an idea of how my body does with them. It's really a personal choice. And if you have insurance, why not get a script and keep them on hand if you need them? If nothing happens with this guy, I'll prob wean myself off again and try the episodic. Hoping my body can learn to handle this thing on its own soon! Ugh

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@ chinup, I understand. I went on suppressive since I was having a hard time with what is and isn't herpes on my middle aged male construction working live in central florida the home of all kinds of critters body and plan on weaning off after the holidays sometime as this time of year can be stressful. id rather my body learn to deal with it and whoop it down.


kinda mixed on the cheering for you with this new guy. of course I want all my h friends to be happy but if h - guys are ok with you all what chance do I have with all the hot H ladies??

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Sorry I meant to say, he takes Valtrex to reduce viral shedding and outbreaks. He doesn't take it for me, rather for his own benefit.


@ivory you're right I kinda figured its my cervix lesions healing..it was infected pretty bad so I guess thats gonna take some time to go back to normal. Thank you!! I was alittle freaked out and thought I was in for another OB :(


@chinup don't worry you would be surprised how many H- men don't care about your status at all! I have 2 guys currently showing interest in me but they are alittle too late I found someone lol. You guys are gonna be fine and congrats btw! I was thinking of doing just that, getting a standby prescription for the future. I'm gonna give my doc a call on Monday.


@seeker as you can see I'm currently dating someone whos also H+. Its just my personal preference because I don't have to explain all the details since he's been there, done that, and actually teaches me about it more, its makes us closer. So I'm sure there are ladies that feel the same as I do.

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HAHAHAHA @seeker, how I've missed your posts! I honestly have no idea how it will go with this guy.. I'm pretty sure he's very much into me, but I know this is a serious deal breaker for a lot of people.. Hoping he's open minded enough to listen and learn and I hope I can handle the disclosure in a positive way! And yes, I want my body to get a handle on it too.. After the holidays and what not (and depending on how the disclosure goes) I plan on weaning off again to see if my body can fight alone for a while. You just know the parenting struggle.. I've got an energetic 2.5 year old running around and I can't be stuck on the couch feeling shitty, ya know?? How's it going, btw!! Haven't seen you post lately lol


@jessikarabbit89 oh girl I hope you're right!!! I'm so terrified about everything because my current situation is so complicated. I've known of a few friends who have it (we just never talked about it) and I don't remember them sitting around and wasting their lives. They have relationships and live as if nothing's different and that's how I plan on living. I just can't help but feel like my sex has been taken from me!!!! I'm not a whore, I've never slept around, but I do enjoy sex and I am now scared of it.. I'm scared it's going to hurt and that its going to cause even more OBs.. I'm scared any H- guy is going to be afraid to touch me and I hate that!!! :-( but anyways, meds on hand is a great idea!!! Just in case! Did you meet this guy on positive singles or did you know him already?

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@chinup trust me, I know all too well of the struggle!!! I'm still scared to have sex too so I'm waiting to build up enough antibodies before I do it again, maybe another few months. Still it is TORTURE cause I am super attracted to this guy (and yes I met him on PS lol) and he hasn't been with a woman in over 6 months. So its a huge tease but at the same time it gives you a chance to get to know the guy you're with on a better level and develop monogamy before sex. I guess H can be a bit of a c*ck blocker but in a good way. lmao!!!! I too know people with it that are even married and living their lives exactly the same as if they don't have H at all. Thats what I am striving for.

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