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This is very difficult for me but thank yous aren't

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Hello All, I'm a newbie! I was recently diagnosed about 6 months ago. It's been a super hard year. I think that when I passed the age of 35 and wasn't married and with no kids the pressure of life really affected me. Thinking Im attractive, intelligent, and ambitious why in the world has my life ended up like this? My judgement failed me...trying to race that famous clock...I ended up pregnant. I remember feeling really itchy in the lower area and was later told that's because of all the hormonal changes. I thought I had bv or something but doctors found nothing. I ended up miscarrying ( totally depressed) and had a surgery in early 2014 but then it gets worse. I moved on from that situation with that guy fast bc he really didn't want kids and I'm rushing against the clock again. I started dating someone new. I thought it was a monogamous relationship and it could've been....but then boom... 1 month later after sex with my bf I'm getting all kinds of weird things happening to my body. First it was like I had athletes foot. I believe that was the virus attacking my body. Something ive never had in my life then later I'm itching all over my back, and hives all of the time. I knew something was wrong but I didn't think herpes. My bf at the time was diagnosed first and he never had signs like I did. However one day, he was hit with a breakout and they tested him for herpes and I knew my life would be forever changed. A month before none of the doctors I've seen thought anything other than I had hives, athletes foot, and eczema. Looking back everything changed when I met him. Now I have pronounced bumps on my arms that look like eczema, my skin is extremely sensitive to everything. However I always feel unsure about where it came from. What if I had it when I was pregnant and that's why it was so itchy? I looked for answers and asked people in my past if they are healthy. Everyone in the past said yes they are. One guy even took a blood test and it was negative. The bf guy is the only guy I had these symptoms with. He's the only one that has arms like mine( rashes and pronounced bumps). I feel like it couldn't get worse and it did. I felt like I strived for a monogomous relationship and now look at me? This experience has changed me but it hasn't destroyed me. I'm sure it will close a lot of doors but I know it will open the right one. Sex is sacred and I do feel I didn't treat it as such. Lesson learned. I I thank all of you because I lurked and I read and heard a lot of stories that gave me hope and determination to keep soaring. I know life is worth figuring out and just because everything doesn't always line up perfectly. It doesn't mean anything is wrong. It means that the right things haven't been discovered yet..at all times I'm now aware of the importance of being healthy, being at peace, and I'm still trying to be comfortable being the new me. However anything that's stressing will show on my body and I illiminate and reject stressful situations. Its not easy and yes I'm more insecure but i choose to live! Now, I would be more at peace if I knew who truly gave this to me but I'm at peace not being with someone just bc he has it too. I'm not living like that! The heck with feeling lonely and empty. my baby, and husband will come...maybe a little differently but it's okay. In the meantime i want to know can I get massages without feeling like im passing this to someone, what about sweating if I was to go to dance class or kickboxing, is there anything that will get rid of these rashes or pronounced bumps on my arms? I Would love to get laser hair removal but those plans are prob over. I'm not taking that medicine bc I'm not in a relationship. Does the medicine cause balding? If so, forget it! Lol... I will prefer natural remedies and diets! Lastly, does anyone get involuntary muscle movements or knee pains? Maybe this is bc I'm getting older(haha). Anyway thanks again! Continued blessings to all!


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Hello and Welcome!


As a Massage Therapist, I would say you need to go to a dermatologist and have the things on your arms checked out first ... ask them what they believe it is and if it's contagious. They are the best people to determine whether you can pass it on with massage (we can actually wear surgical gloves if there is a possibility of a transmittable issue so you CAN get massage - you just need to let them know if the Dr says you can pass it on)... he can also tell you about the laser hair removal issue.


Personally, it *sounds* like you are either having an allergic reaction or some kind of auto-immune issue with the itching and skin issues. So I would keep looking into it and a dermatologist is your best bet ... if you get nothing there, try an allergist and/or an auto-immune specialist.


No - the medicine *shouldn't* cause balding... otherwise there would be a LOT of bald people out there! I say *shouldn't* because there's always the one odd person with weird reactions to any medication ;) .


There are plenty of natural things you can try. The #1 go-to for many is L-Lysine ... it helps a lot of people but not everyone. Otherwise, try the suggestions in the links below:







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum





And finally - it sounds like you have the right attitude ... but check out this discussion... I think it will help you a lot :)





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thank you so much. Ok, got it, great advice! I will do some research to find a great dermatologist.


Lol at the medicine *shouldnt* cause balding. Ok, I thought I read that somewhere but thanks for clearing that up.


Thank you for all of the great links! I will be reading them soon!


I'm trying! It's been work!:)


Will do,



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