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my daughter gets cold sores

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My daughter had her 1st cold sore when she was about 3 years old.

No idea if she was kissed by an adult, another child or what. The doctor told me it was impetigo and we treated the outbreaks for about 5 years with bacterial cream.

She used to get about 3 outbreaks a year.

On a later unrelated visit to the doctors I requested some more impetigo cream at which point the doctor stated that they were cold sores she was getting.


Shortly after we went to Florida on holiday where she broke out in 2 cold sores one on top and bottom lip. They were like huge boils. At that point I started to look up what they were.


I have never had a cold sore in my life. My husband has had about 4 in the 25 years we have been together.

I understand that just because I have never had one doesn't mean I don't have the virus.


Anyway since America the last 2 years have been a nightmare. Every single month she has a cold sore.

She is a shy child anyway and it has really knocked her confidence.


I have tried lysine, vitamins, every type of cream going, we use compeed plasters by the packet load. We have the light machine. And they still keep coming back.


Researching on Google was the worse thing to do ever because suddenly this harmless cold sore that she gets has become a lifelong infection that I can't see the end of.


My life previously unaffected by cold sores now wait s for the next one to appear..


My daughter is 10. I took her to the doctor again a few months ago and he prescribed me 1 month of aciclovoir 400 in the hope it might suppress for good. It didn't. The day after the tablets finished she got a cold sore (though it was smaller than usual).


Her friends don't have them, in fact I don't know anyone who does (apart from Hubby's very rare ones). Which is why it's so hard dealing with it

I feel myself constantly looking at peoples lips and when I see someone with a scab i point it out to her so she doesn't feel so alone.


Im so worried that she will spread it to her eyes or elsewhere.


The problem I'm facing is that in a few years she will want to start kissing. What do I tell her. (Obviously not with an active Sore) if hsv1 sheds so often will she pass it on to get potential boyfriends. Will they treat her like a leper.


I'm not sure if the doctors here will give her long term suppressive acivlovar because of her age. but i know I can buy it online if need be.


This last year has been awful . I have woken up with this pit of fear in my stomach for her. I haven't been able to sleep or eat, the anxiety of knowing that I can't really help her.


I just wish she could grow out of them, that they would stop. Then I feel stupid because she is otherwise a healthy happy gorgeous girl with loads of friends. When some of her class mates really do have serious illnesses and it is after all only a cold sore.


I keep telling myself that there will be a cure one day. But how do I get over this panic of worry for her.

This virus seems to have taken over my life.



















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Hello and Welcome!


I'm so glad you came on here because I hope we can put your mind to rest.


I've have had Oral herpes since I was 4 and I'm 53 now. As a child I would have horrid OB's (outbreaks) twice a year where I had terrible temperatures and then my whole lip would break out. Back then, noone made a bid deal of it, so it was just something I lived with.


They cut back drastically when I hit puberty ... and now only come on when I'm under a lot of stress. So first thing is you need to stop worrying that she will always have the OB' every month... as she grows things may change.


Seeing as she has so many OB's, I would request from the Dr is to have the Acyclovir script on hand ... and AS SOON as she starts to get a sore, have her take the pills until it goes away... in that way, you can assist her body in fighting it off but also allow it to try to do it's job. At the same time, you can either buy (the very expensive) Oragel Single Dose ((up to $18 for 2 doses) or you can try Bactine (it's the exact same stuff ... same strength ...I spray it on a Q-tip and dab it on) ... or my old fall-back, Alum (I'll give links for all below). All 3 have been effective for me (the Oragel is useful for travel), By hitting it on the inside with the meds and the outside with the other stuff, you should be able to keep the sores down to a minimum if you catch it early.


As for what to tell her. For now, tell her to not share drinks, lip balm, etc ... especially when she has a sore. When she starts to be interested in boys, tell her to be very careful about kissing if she thinks she has a sore coming up. To be honest, most people don't reveal they have cold sores before kissing because most don't know they have them ... 80% of people who carry the virus never have OB's. So it's hard to say what to do... 60% of all youth will have Oral herpes (cold sores) by the time they are young adults. I think I personally would tell her to just be very careful about kissing if she *thinks* she may be having an OB....


Now, sex is another matter. She needs to be careful about oral sex (awkward conversation, I know, but it needs to be done). She needs to be especially careful about this as 50% of all new genital herpes cases are HSV1 from oral sex.... She should tell potential partners that she has has cold sores and ask if they have had them ... if they have, they have at least *some* antibodies to the virus so thus some protection. Those partners need to understand their risk before they engage in oral sex and she needs to be especially careful to not do anything if she has *any* kind of itch or sore on her lip. If necessary, have her come on here and we will help her through that part of her life :)


And finally, YOU need to relax. Most of her friends will end up with oral herpes one way or another, even if they are not having as many OB's as her. If you make a big deal out of it, you will make her feel she has something to be ashamed of and there is nothing further from the truth. Yes, it's good for her to know what she needs to do to keep from passing it on ... but in an EMPOWERED way ... not a shameful way ;)


Here's some links for further info .. you daughter will be ok Mama .... promise :)





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Hi dancer thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate your help. I have looked for bactine but I'm in the UK and it's not sold here. Is there a similar product here that you know of ?


Fingers crossed she will grow out of it. I will go to the doctors and get some more aciclovar on prescription for her.


Thanks again

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See if they will give you Zovirax cream at the Dr's - that's acyclovir in cream form and it can help a lot. Also, go to the chemist and see if they have any OTC things for cold sores like Oragel or Abreva.


Oragel has Benzalkonium Cl .13%

Benzocaine 5%


Bactine uses Lidocaine 2.5% ... the lidocaine/benzocaine are the same kind of thing for pain... the important ingredient is the Benzalkonium ... so ask them if they have anything with that in it (may just be labeled as an antiseptic)

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