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I am concerned that herpes might be spreading to my stomach...it doesn't look that similar to my rash in genital area and doesn't seem to itch. But I definitely have another rash that hasn't been going away even with cortisone now for about 3 weeks, and it seems to be spreading now. I'm wondering if it's possible that my bf kissed my stomach after oral sex and that's how I got it? But I would have to be shedding for this to have happened, and we had unprotected sex each time, so I would think he'd have to have it too if I'm getting it back from him. I'm so confused and it seems to be spreading, and although it's probably not even noticeable to others I'm scared for swimsuit season now. I hate how paranoid this makes me :(


I think I just need some reassurance that that is not likely, and this definitely doesn't sound related. Has this ever happened to anyone?


Dancer don't hate me lol but I haven't gotten the WB yet...my bf was so accepting and I was so busy with work I haven't called, but I have this Friday off and definitely will then. I just needed a break for a couple weeks from obsessing about this! Promise I'll call then though :)


Whenever I'm alone I can't stop examining this in the mirror and then googling what it could be!


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Well, wondering - did your BF get tested? I would get him tested because that may give you a better idea of what is going on...if he's H2+ then you likely can assume you have it given the symptoms and your past tests ... if he's H2-, then I would question the tests and I'd go for the Western Blot then.


Until you know for sure what your status is, I wouldn't worry about the rash ... at least, don't assume it's herpes ... get that answer first and then worry about how to deal with the rash...



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He said he was going to, but he has also been really busy and hasn't yet. Good point though, I've heard a lot of insurance companies don't cover the western blot, so getting him tested should be my next step! I'm just worried I'm going to end up looking like a freak of nature if this keeps spreading lol. I had a pimple on my face the other day, and my first thought was omg it spread to my face!! It was definitely a pimple though. If there is such a low chance of hsv2 infecting the mouth even because it only likes the genital area, I would think random other areas of skin would be far less than that though!

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