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questions about hsv-1

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Hi everyone, my name is Alex & I'm new here. First, I want to say thank you all for being here - I was just diagnosed with HSV-1, and reading posts here really helped me get through the first few days. My doctor is on vacation right now, and I'm hoping someone here could help me with a few questions I have regarding my experiences so far, because they seem to be non-standard for an HSV-1 outbreak.


A couple weeks ago a cut on my thumb became infected, and as it became worse I also developed a burning sensation when I urinated. Over the next two weeks I saw my doctor three times. After ruling out all the "standard" STIs and UTIs, she had me try three different courses of antibiotics, none of which seemed to have an effect on my symptoms. Then, suddenly, the urinary pain disappeared a couple days ago. Almost on cue, my doctor called to tell me that a swab from my urethra had cultured positive for HSV-1. My thumb has only improved slightly, and has developed a blister that looks awfully like a herpes sore. This leaves me with a couple of questions...


- Could this be a case of herpetic whitlow?


- If it is, could I have passed it from my thumb to my genitals (or vice-versa)?


- I have a feeling my partner and I are going to have a lot of questions about sex and herpes. Can anyone offer any good resources, especially gay-friendly?


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated,


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Hey Alex...


So glad you are here. I am still learning about HSV-1 that occurs genitally...I have HSV-2...but I am referring you to a really great resource online that has good up-to-date information:



Have you gone back to the doctor since you were positive for HSV-1? Did your doctor discuss anti-virals with you? I am asking because I am working on information for newly diagnosed friends and want to answer common questions.


I am sorry you are here, are dealing with discomfort and have had to endure so much frustration getting treatment and diagnosis.


Sending you warm hugs and well wishes...and I know others will be along soon to chime in.


much love,


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Welcome to the forum Alex.


The handbook Kristin linked to above is an excellent source of information that I have used in the past, and they do update it as new information becomes available and accepted.


Has a doctor seen the sore on your thumb? Sometimes infections in cuts can look like many things they are not. My point is have a doctor examine it for a diagnosis. It's impossible to say from behind a keyboard what it might or might not be.


I am sorry that this has happened and I wish you and your partner strength and comfort.


:) CBK

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