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Type 1 diabetic with hsv1(?)

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Hi I am a type one diabetic with bad a1c (weakened immune system) I had sex with this guy once and within a week I had the horrible first outbreak down below (worst week+ ever) My partner got checked and his results came back and he was told he has hsv 1. I'm waiting for my insurance to kick to get retested (was tested at local health department will have too see if those results came in). Most likely I have the same thing he has (long story short the timeline fits too). My question is does that mean I have genital hsv 1 where I don't have to worry about transmission through kissing? Does that mean I can't share drinks, Chapstick, etc or that I should worry about sharing bathroom/bathtub with little sister, or worry when my mom does my laundry for me? being diabetic sucks enough but this on top makes dating very hard -_-. Any fellow diabetics out there?

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If you have genital herpes of any kind, it doesn't "migrate" to other areas...it lives in the nerve ganglion of the nerves it first makes contact with... you can't spread it on the toilet seat, the laundry, or the bathtub. It dies pretty quickly once it's out of the body and soap kills it very quickly. I used to bathe with my babies...I had it in the 80's before the stigma was a big deal and it never occurred to me to worry about passing it to them :)


I would be careful about kissing the guy for a few months until you get up enough antibodies (about 4 months) to help keep you from getting it orally as well.


BTW, 60% of kids have oral HSV1 by the time they are adults ... and 80% of adults have oral HSV1 by the time they are 49 ... we have tons of people on here who are dating H- folks.... so it doesn't have to be a big deal with dating.


Read all you can on here... especially the success stories... so you can see that I am talking about ;)


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Well you *can* have HSV1 orally and genitally ...but it sounds like you only have it genitally (based on your description) ... again, a LARGE portion (80%) of the population has Oral HSV1 and 80% of them don't know they have it.... so if you DO have H1 orally you likely have had it for years and not known it because you don't have OB's .... so if you managed to have it all this time and not had a problem with it, I wouldn't sweat it. but again, I my guess is you don't have it orally...just because you get HSV1 genitally doesn't automatically mean you have it orally because again, it lives where you contracted it.


As for how it spreads ... YES it can be passed without a blister/OB ... it's called asymptomatic shedding...and it's how most people get herpes (because who wants to have sex with an OB anyway? It HURTS!) ....


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Well if he's taking the meds for the virus now that should really reduce any risk of transmission ... but odds are you got HSV1 genitally from him giving YOU oral (ie, odds are he has it orally)... HSV1 sheds a lot less down below.... so if you have not got it from him from kissing by now, you should be ok....either way, you will be producing antibodies to the virus so after a few months your risk will be even lower than it is now....

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Same as HSV down below. Definitely no skin to skin contact or sharing food/drinks during an OB. Otherwise I am just very careful that if I *think* I am having an OB to not kiss or do oral .... but remember that 80% of adults already have it and the 20% without it likely have been exposed multiple times to people with herpes ... so I generally don't worry about it otherwise.

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