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I was diagnosed a year ago, and since then my vaginal area has been sensitive. It has been horrible and have told no one about it. It's seriously depressing. I'm going through my second outbreak and I'm not sure how I'm going to deal with this for years to come. I know things can be worse, but does the irritation ever end?

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Hello and Welcome!


I would go back to the Dr and have it looked at - it's very possible you have a yeast infection or possibly Bacterial Vaginosis ... so get it looked at.....


Otherwise try some of the methods we suggest in the links below - maybe the Alum CREAM (NOT gel!!!!)...








Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum





Which strain do you have? HSV1 or 2?



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I don't see why not .. I'm sure the reason they don't label it for Genital herpes is that (because of the damned stigma) noone would want to be seen dead with it in their shopping cart :(


You may want to try hydrogen peroxide or Bactine too ... all are anti-viral and help to kill it from the outside ...


If you attack it from both directions (internal and external) you can generally control it a lot faster ;)

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Lol yes very true, I've yet to discuss it with anyone except my boyfriend. I guess I'm still really afraid about how others may treat my afterwards. But thank you so much, I will try all of your recommendations. I will also make sure he has an actual blood test done.

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Yea - a lot of people worry about what others will think ... it's easy to buy into the stigma ... but I am fully out and never had an issue with anyone being ugly ... and 2 others on here came out recently and had the same experience. A lot depends on the kind of people you hang with and how you deal with it ... if you are confident about it (ie: you know it doesn't change who you are) and you are emotionally healthy enough to not allow other people's judgments and opinions to bother you, then it won't matter who you tell.


We hope that the more we get people to discuss this (even just as a topic among friends ... not admitting your status) and getting ACCURATE info out there will eventually help us to eradicate the stigma ... much of it is caused by lack of information/ignorance :(

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It sucks that some people automatically make an assumption about you based something so common. Most are contradicting because they've definitely had cold sores in their lives. I can already see it, friend and family saying they can't see it happening to me, but hell who can. I've been a committed relationship for years and still manage to get an std. I feel that it was inevitable. My partner and I both got tested frequently, I don't understand why they don't do herpes test.

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I know you're scared right now. I was diagnosed at 12 (not sure how I contracted it, I wasn't sexually active). I'm in my mid twenties now and recently had my third OB. Listen, it's a skin condition. It's uncomfortable but so is bug bites, eczema, strep throat, the flu, hives, allergies etc. Over time it will diminish, and sometimes you may feel nothing. There is a stigma because it's like a rash of your genital area, and let's be honest, the word "herpes" sounds atrocious! You will learn to live with it, and not dwell on it. Millions of people young and old have it. I honestly would rather have an OB than the flu, or stomach virus. Your first OB is hell. Along the way you may have an uncomfortable OB it can especially be annoying around your rectal area. Just keep clean and dry, apply diluted tea tree oil, get a prescription, or keep baby powder on. I went 10 years without an OB, then had a minor one. Good luck.

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@kyana you're very welcome! @beachdude1984, my doctor at the time told my mom that if I had a cold sore touched it, then at some point touched anywhere around the genital area, I could have contracted it. It is spreadable, and skin to skin contact. Hand washing is so important, so keep in mind if you have kids, they get a cold sore make sure they aren't touching it. We were shocked, I was devastated. Life goes on though, it doesn't control my life.

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