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Post redness question

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Hey everyone nice community you have here.


So i've been to the doctor and heard what he had to say but wanted to ask for some reassurance from fellow sufferers. So i contracted the oral version of herpes back in beginning of October. Don't know how i think from a family party it runs in my family I wasn't actively kissing at the time but whatever it happens. A week after this event I had my first outbreak, very bad sore throat/head cold and a big sore on my lip. After a week it went away and my lips looked fine I really didn't think much of it.


Two weeks later I did a charity event for a local hospital and was up for a day straight. naturally a day after I felt the tingle. A different spot from the original to be exact and I read up on lysine and started taking it. The area started getting redder so went to my doctor that friday (started getting it on tuesday) and asked him about it. He told me to try abreva which i did. This new spot and the original one just got red no blisters formed.


To this day those two spots are still red. My doctor says these will clear up it just takes time but I'm confused as to what's going on because i didn't have blisters form and the areas are just red, they don't hurt or anything maybe when i get chapped but has anyone else experienced this and what was the outcome?


I'm lucky to have met a guy that doesn't see's cold sores as an issue but the two red spots that are really apparent in the bathroom are just a reminder and now what I didn't perceive as a big deal has now become one because I'm paranoid that if I get another cold sore I'll have more red spots near my lips.

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Hello and Welcome!


First - you mention you found a guy that "doesn't see cold sores as an issue". Anyone who sees Oral HSV1 as an issue is horrendously uninformed, as 80% of the population has it (even though 80% of them don't know it) .... the bigger deal is just plain being honest and body aware so that you find other ways to play if you have an outbreak (OB) AND if they have a sore on their lips or genitals (as this makes a highway into the body even when you are asymptomatically shedding). True, half of all new genital cases of herpes are H1 from oral sex, but that is because of the number of silent carriers who don't know they have it and those who have been misinformed by their Dr's about asymptomatic shedding :(


As for the red spots, they will fade in time. I've had oral H1 since I was 4 ... used to get horrendous OB's all over my chin as a kid ... and probably had about 2 ob's on average per year since, and I don't have ANY permanent scarring from any of them ;) Just be patient ... and if you want to speed things along there are great OTC products to help the skin on a scar to speed up the rest of the healing process ;)


Here's some info on HSV1 for you :)






Handouts + disclosure e-book:




Herpes facts video



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