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Burning after sex - is it herpes?

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Does H usually cause burning after sex? I suspect I may be allergic to my boyfriend's semen, but I wanted to rule out H before I ask my doctor about it. The burning starts within a minute or two max and can last anywhere from a few minutes to hours. Showering makes it a little better. Obviously, none of you can diagnose me, but I was wondering if this was common with H. It's the worst when my boyfriend finishes inside me (don't worry - I take my birth control religiously lol), which is what makes me suspect an allergy. There's not much burning if he pulls out/uses condoms. Plus, I've only experienced this with him, but I don't know who I got H from or when, so that may not be relevant. Extra lube doesn't make that much of a difference, so I don't think it's much of a friction thing.


On the plus side, we finally had sex without me giving a detailed status report about suspicious bumps and I didn't even think about having H for once :D

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I don't have any information that would help in this instance, because I've only had h for a couple months but I just wanted to say congrats on the sex without h interruption! I'm hoping to get there someday sooner than later! :)


One thought actually; how long have you and your boyfriend been having sex? Because I have had sexual partners with whom my pH had gotten thrown off and I would sometimes experience some discomfort after unprotected sex. It just took a while for our systems to get in sync and work together. But then again it never lasted as long as hours...sorry I'm not much help!

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Thank you :P You'll get there, too, in your own time!


I lost my virginity to him in June 2013. We dated until October and broke up. I experienced burning during this time as well. I had sex with other people while we were broken up without any burning that I can recall. I did have some burning after I was raped, which I (and my doctor) believe was an allergic reaction to the latex condom. It felt very similar to the kind of burn that I feel after sex with my boyfriend, just not as intense. My boyfriend and I got back together in December 2013, and I experienced the burning once again.


It's possible that he's causing abrasions because he's on the large side. It stings/burns a bit during penetration if we haven't had sex in a while, so perhaps that's the culprit and the semen just irritates it. However, even when it doesn't hurt during penetration and sex isn't rough, it still burns :( sooo idk


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If you had the burning in the past odds are that is it ... tho the Herpes may be making the area a little bit more sensitive. Sounds like you have a combination problem of size/no sex for awhile/possible sensitivity to semen/and possible sensitivity due to H :/


But it might not be a bad thing to check in with the Dr. Maybe ask about douching after to clean the semen out and settle the PH balance/soothe the area.

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