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a little confused - could this be herpes?

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Ive had genital warts for about 8/9 months now but didnt realise that thats what it was until i went for a smear test and the doctor told me to go to the clinic to get them frozen etc. So i got them done on christmas eve and they did cryotherapy and also gave me aldara to use on the warts 3 times a week and to come back in 3weeks time to get check again. So last weekend i started to feel abit of an irratation on my skin and just assumed that this was the cream doing its job and thought nothing of it because its meant to irritate the skin that doesnt have warts of it happens to get onto it which it more than likely would. On wed i had my second check up with the doctor(a dif doc to last time) at the clinic and when she looked down there she asked me who told me i had warts because a couple looked like warts and the irritation looked like herpes. She was abit panicked about it that she said she wanted to get another doc in to get a 2nd opinion. She took swabs and brought another doc in to look. She then gave me aciclvoir to take 3times a day and local anesthetic gel to use and to come back in a week. That was it? Could this be herpes even though i havent had any sexual contact with my partner of 4 years for about 5months? Im just a little confused. When i go back i intend to ask for a blood test also.

I was also diagnosed with coeliac disease in november could this also affect me?

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Hello and Welcome!


So are you going to a GP or OBGYN ? Because if it's the former, you need to start seeing a womens' specialist .. GP's and such are woefully out of date about STD's and such :(


As for your current issue ... I *personally* think that the second Dr may have over reacted but it's not a bad thing to be cautious... but it sounds like she needs to learn to tweak her bedside manner :p


The stuff they use on warts is pretty strong irritant... I just looked it up and my gut was correct... the side effects of the meds (aldera) include:


mild skin irritation, itching, dryness, flaking, scabbing, crusting, redness, or hardening of the skin where the medicine was applied;

changes in the color of treated skin;

cold sores, fever blisters;


All of which could be mistaken for a Herpes sore. So for the moment I wouldn't panic ;)


That said to answer your last question: yes, you *could* carry Herpes for many years without a sign and then have an outbreak... 80% of people with Herpes don't know they have it ... but they can still pass it on asymptomatically.... and it can pop up at any time. So it's a good thing for you to go get tested no matter what the swab says... just for your knowledge. And get informed about STD's in the meantime. What you were taught in school or whatever is likely woefully incomplete or out of date. You can start with the handouts and video we have here, and check out some of the blogs and facts on the rest of the site... you will also want to getup to date on your HPV info .. the CDC has decent info and there are a few good websites that can help you to understand that little bugger as well :)


And no, Celiac shouldnt affect you unless you are on heavy duty meds to suppress your immune system .. if you are, be especially careful to KNOW your partners STD status because you will be more likely to be able to get it if your immune system is depressed :(




Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video
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No its a doc from the gum clinic they are speicalists which is my concern over the manner in which i was given the diagnosis for warts and now thinking that it is herpes in the first palce.


Im well clued up on std knowledge anyway but my concern is that with a diagnosis of ceoliac disease my immune system is very low at the moment as i am only starting to heal from it at the moment so could this be a reason for the outbreak?


Also i was given instillagel to put on the infection now however it is making the area moist having it on. Is is ok to use or should i stop using it and let the area dry out? Im just not sure whats best to do and do not need to irritated anymore than it is. During the day how can i stop the skin from.sticking to my underwear? Any tips?

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Well the stress of the Celiac *could* cause the OB but again, my guess is the irritation is from the ointment they gave you ... you are not having any of the other symptoms of Herpes from your description ... and again, that stuff could irritate the area that's not affected by the warts :/


I'm sure the initial thing was warts... they are very distinct in their presentation. So now until you know if you have Herpes as well it's a little difficult to know what to do. Personally, I'd keep treating for warts...just try to only get the ointments on immediate area where the warts were.... I'd use menstrual pads that have the non-stick surface on them for now and go commando as much as possible....


BTW, I feel ya on the underwear. I traveled several times while having an OB and after sitting for hours, lets just say getting up was a very delicate and painful time :(

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I have been told to stop using the cream until i come back next week and only if i have healed but im still getting the very painful cryotherapy done for the warts and to be honest even after one night of not using it there was a huge difference its not as irritated and red and also the warts are now starting to fade?? so ill stick at it not using it for now until i go back and see how we go.

Yea the only symptoms i have are that it was very itchy at times and it just looks like its infected skin irritation that does look like herpes. I think it cpuld be BV in my opinion but knowing my luck it is herpes.


Yes i feel that the gel is good to relieve the pain of the sores when i am walking etc but the pain isnt so bad that i could do without it if i have to keep it dry. Will menstrual pads be ok to use? Will it not be stuck with no air getting to it?


Bed is the hardest part. I have been changing into just little baggy pj shorts however with my movements at night and i either lie on my side or stomach and i find that my legs are pinned together. Should i just wear underwear or any other tips i can use for this?


Is there a link for the baking soda so that i can read on how to do this as i think i would maybe try this to dry them up if i find out this is what this is.



I feel more sorry for my poor boyfriend. Hes been so good through all of this so far. He knows about the warts but i was so shocked about her saying it was herpes that i didnt tell him yet because i dont want to worry him until results come back and incase hes to go and get tested. Hes been so supportive and we are just going through such a great time in our relationship i just hope that we are strong enough to get through it if it is.



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I'm not at all surprised that things settled down as soon as you stopped using the cream... your symptoms fit right in with the side effects on that list... ;)


I would use the uber thin pads if you are having any oozing ... many have a non-stick surface... it certainly would be better than the cloth on underwear :)


I'd go commando at night and *try* to find a way to get the legs apart so some air can get up in there... nighttime can be a great time to air things out which helps a lot ;)


I don't know what the exact method is with baking soda - hopefully someone who has used it will chip in but I'd say make a paste and put it on... some may just add a couple tablespoons to warm water... but that's a guess.


We have a lot of other suggestions for relief - one of the favorites is Epsom Salts baths ... I'll put the links below..







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum




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