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My 1st Herpes Disclosure

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So I was diagnosed with HSV 2 last year September. I really thought my life was over, I cried everyday and every where. I experienced OB after OB and they were horrible. My giver is no longer in my life but looking back on everything that happened I could safely say he knew he had this and just didn't care about me. This site has really made everything better for me. I read many stories and I disclosed quicker than I thought I would and it wasn't so bad. :)


I didn't just meet this guy I've known him for almost two years. We started talking about a relationship right before Christmas and things were going great. One night we were out talking and I jus did it! Please know I was terrified shaking and I couldn't look at him afterwards. He did leave shortly after since I dropped such an unexpected bomb. Needless to say the next day he called. Turns out he's a big germaphobe! Seriously killed me if I had known I wouldn't have disclosed to him at all. We have had ups and downs with him just trying to grasp the situation. I try to educate him a lil bit everytime we talk, but I don't think anything sexual will happen which is fine. I'm still getting to learn my body and get my outbreaks under control. I would never want to pass it to anyone.


I'm just happy he didn't run for the hills. He's still in my life being a friend Which is what I need right now honestly. If it wasn't for this site I don't think I would of disclosed at all. Thanks everyone!

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, although the disclosure didn't turn out like you might have liked, Herpes acted as your Wingman here friend... because you found out about this "quirk" of his (being a germophobe) early on AND he showed that he's a good FRIEND by coming back and being in your life and allowing you to educate him.... but seiously, if he's that scared of germs, living with him (as opposed to being a friend) would likely be quite challenging... so at least you found this out before you got invested in him (emotionally and sexually). And he's now giving you a chance to practice educating someone which will serve you down the road ;)


So glad the site helped you to feel comfortable telling someone because it's soooo important tonot allow this to shame you into silence and fear of being "found out". Any GOOD friend will be there for you (even if they run for the hills first!) and will stick by you.... and that kind of friend is golden :)



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Thanks so much @WCSDancer2010


I always read the stories and I think it's awesome that you take time out to respond to everyone.


Needless to say that friendship may be getting terminated. He saw me out with a coworker and got upset because he thought I was on a date. So far from it! So it's starting to get complicated because he doesn't want to be with me last time I checked but he gets upset if he sees with another guy. Men :/ can't live with em or without em.


Hugs :)



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