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Ear feels hot and lymph nodes swollen. Prodrome?

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I don't know why my left ear feels warm/hot every other day. Along with my head tingling around that area. Is this prodromal signs of oral hsv? I haven't heard of anyone's ears burning - this is very scary because I know hsv can travel to the brain. :(


Also, is it typical for lymph nodes to swell during recurring outbreaks? The lymph node in my groin swelled up but I didn't get any bumps. And the lymph nodes under my jaw swelled up and I got a blister on my lip. I thought lymph node swelling was mostly typical of initial outbreaks? I'm afraid this could be something else and that's why my lymph nodes continue to swell.



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@WCSDancer2010 Do blisters on the mouth get better and less recurrent over time? I've read genital outbreaks are the most severe in the first year. Is that the same case with oral hsv?


Have there been any studies to show if hsv (oral and genital) sheds less over time? If so, how long? My boyfriend (hsv negative) has been asking when we can be intimate and I want to make sure I protect him by taking all necessary precaution. How long do you think I should wait?


The first four months is so the body can build antibodies. Do you recommend abstaining from sex in those first four months to prevent autoinnoculating?


Thank you, Dancer!

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Generally yes, though hormonal fluctuations and stress will bring them out... like I say, Herpes (wherever it is) is a great First Responder for you ... it will tell you when you need to look after yourself and chill out :)


The only studies are for the first year with Herpes (at least that I know of)... beyond that I think that your health and sress levels are the biggest things that will change your shedding rates. That doesn't mean you have to wait a year (or even 4 months) to have sex... you just want to be extra careful right now while your body builds antibodies ;)

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