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Herpes and diet...

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I try to eat a vegetarian diet as close to raw and unprocessed as possible. I use medicinal, anti-viral plants and spices, (garlic, oregano, etc.) coconut oil, and turmeric for it's anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties daily. I refuse to support the drug industry. So far I have had very few eruptions. (I have had HSV2 for over 20 years though) Is there any foods to avoid? Anything else that is recommended? Thanks in advance. Jim

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If you have had H for 20 yrs you likely are doing things right already. Some people are food sensitive and diet makes a difference ... I for one can eat anything right now and nothing in particular seems to set me off, but at one point a particular trail mix that had chocolate and nuts would set me off.


The main thing is to keep your L-Lysine and Argenine levels balanced ... this link will help you to see the ratios in different foods...





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I have to admit to a weakness for chocolate covered nuts and raisins, I try to keep it in moderation... Thanks for your response and the links! I am rather new here and reading your comments elsewhere tells me what a incredibly wise and helpful person you are. The community is fortunate to have you! Thanks so much!!!

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Reading the third link I am amazed that I don't have more frequent outbreaks, I am way down on the 2nd page before I find the 1st food higher in Lysine, butter. I am nearly vegan with butter and eggs being the exception, no cheese, no fish, no pasta / bread, no meat. Many of my veggies have lower amounts than Arginine! Apples, figs, tomatoes, and pineapple seem to top the list of things higher that I eat regularly! I might have to eat more yogurt, (that I don't find very appealing) or cheese. (That makes me constipated.) Thanks again for the link!

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Herpes presents so differently in people I am sure that there's a lot of factors that come into play ..perhaps genetic predisposition to absorb (or not) Lysine and Argenine ... the bodies response to stress .... other genetic issues that give natural ability to fight the virus... etc. So while one person may not be able to eat chocolate at all, another may be able to eat pounds of it without issue. Each person has to experiment and see what works for them. But it's useful to know what foods are higher in Argenine and Lysine ... makes you aware of what you are eating. Like I said, I had a spell (early menopause) where I couldn't eat certain foods .... was it the stress of menopause or the hormones that caused the sensitivity to chocolate and nuts? Who knows?

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