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1st post. Have a few questions.

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Long story short. Had a drunk hookup (bad idea, I know). I've never been tested before but also never had any symptoms (I know I could still have carried it). Had this encounter late November. Both of us had irritation a few days afterwards. I went to urgent care and tested positive for uti. A few days afterwards I had a few dozen sores. Freaking out I went back and they did a swab test. Came back ad positive but without a type.


By this time I told the girl. She had a bloodtest 3 weeks before and it came back negative (I saw the results). She got the test because of her exbf who she hadn't been with in 6 months called and told her he had it. So she went to her female doctor and her swab test came back positive for hsv1.


I find myself a GP and get a blood test done on 1/8. Approximately 6 weeks after our encounter. My results came back 1.2 for hsv2. My question is how would we have different strains? I was pretty positive that I would have Hsv1 also.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, for one, it's pretty bad form that they didn't type the swab. But then again, urgent care is one of the worst places to go for an STD - they are usually clueless about current protocol :(


So there's a possibility her Dr only tested for HSV2 when she had the blood test.... again. ignorant Dr's often cut many corners with H because they don't seem to worry about which type you have.....


If she got HSV1 then odds are she got it from oral sex ...


6 weeks is VERY early for a blood test so you will want to re-test at 3-4 months post-encounter ... your results will be more accurate ... and specifically ASK for both types. 1.2 is only barely a positive result ... anything between 1.1 and 3.5 has a 40% chance of being a false positive.


It definitely seems weird that you have 2 different results ... I'd get retested at that 4 month point and see what that says ... and go to Planned parenthood or an STD clinic for the tests ... PCP's/GP's just plain usually don't know what they are talking about and what they should test for :/

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Thanks wsc. I'm definitely going to get retested later. Her blood test was for both types and igg/igm as was her swab that didn't find any type 2 but did type 1. It's strange bc it's like a first breakout for both of us and of course she blamed me because I haven't been tested before and she had been recently. I was honest and I haven't ever had anything like this happen down there before but I understand I could have been a carrier without a breakout. Since my swab was positive, I'm pretty sure I have it. At this point I want to know if it's 1or 2.

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