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Ocular herpes? So stressed!! Any input appreciated

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Hi all :) this is a great place for support and information. I've been lurking here for days!


Let me share what happened to me: not last Thursday, but the Thursday before, I had sex with someone that has genital herpes. He is on suppressive therapy and was not actively in an outbreak or prodrome. We did not use a condom. We had sex Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. On Saturday night, I had a brief oral encounter with him as well.

Around Monday night or Tuesday, my vaginal area started burning and tingling. The day before it was fine. I also started getting weird pains in my butt and my foot (I've had shingles and know what that viral nerve pain feels like, and this was similar). The tingling intensified but did not reach such a level of discomfort that it interfered with my daily life with the exception of sleep. I made an appointment with the doctor, as it was seriously freaking me out and also growing in intensity. I saw the doctor the following Wednesday, which was 5 or 6 days after the first encounter. He noted my vagina was irritated in one area in particular. He did a blood test, as I had no lesions or sores, and I'm also uninsured so paying out of pocket. He wrote me a prescription for valtrex so I could begin. The next day my lips started tingling too, and became severaly chapped. Again, no sores. I've been taking the generic valtrex for 6 days. Yesterday, the vaginal irritation and nerve pain stopped, but my lips are still very chapped and tingling and I also have a swollen place on my eyelid. No redness.

My blood test came back negative, but now I understand it was too early to take it.


Long story short, I'm scared I have herpes in my eye and mouth as well as in the genitals. If anyone has experience with ocular herpes, your input is appreciated. I understand it is extremely rare, but this weird swollen eyelid came at the perfect time. I'm also uninsured and cannot afford to run to the doctor whenever I need. The appointment with the obgyn nearly broke me.


Thanks in advance everyone :). This site is great.

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Hello and Welcome!


Well, if your guy has HSV2, odds are very, VERY low that you have oral herpes ... only 1% of all oral herpes is HSV2 ;)


Also, the vast majority of ocular herpes is in children ... because they get HSV1 orally (60% of all kids have "cold sores" by the time they are young adults) ... and they tend to get a sore and then pick it and poke their eyes.


There's a decent chance you are dealing with something like Bacterial Vaginosis or yeast .... the meds may be causing the dryness/chapping of the lips. Not sure about the tingling in the legs - whether the stress set off the shingles or if it's HSV ...


Right now it sounds like you will be in a waiting pattern, but if you get an active lesion, try Planned Parenthood - they will usually give a reduced rate to those without insurance ... and google "Discount RX Card" or "Discount Prescription Card" - you can get them online and they can cut the cost of your meds significantly :)






Handouts + disclosure e-book:



Herpes facts video




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Thanks so much for your reply! The eye is weird, as I've had eye infections before, and I've never had anything like it! That being said, it's not much like an infection. I've just got that paranoia I think.

The feelings in my genitals were like nothing I've ever had, and I've had yeast infections or whatnot. I didn't even have any discharge, just tingling/burning.


I'm wondering if I should abstain from sex until I know? Or perhaps disclose to potential partners that I've been exposed? I don't sleep around a lot, but I've been dating. I'm 37 and divorced, so I've been mingling. Any advice for anyone that's been in this situation of just waiting?

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I would suggest that you abstain whatever it is ... it's easy to pass any of the things it could be to a guy (I had a lot of yeast issues for years until they treated my ex hubby because I kept giving it to him and he kept passing it back :p )


Use this time to get to KNOW the person rather than jumping into sex so early on. Just try it on for awhile. You may find that your relationships are better because of it :)

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