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To males: hypothetical question

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I have some question in my mind that I wanted to ask for males reaction. Little back ground.


My ex had herpes didnt tell me untill he brokeout then told me. I was checked and negative (blood test). I sometimes got yeast infection though never think herpes (I wasnt educated). After we broke up I tested like 2-3 times, all was negative and I wasnt having symptoms also. I met my now fiance and didnt bother to tell him since I was sure I hadnt herpes. After our 4 month relationship I got my first outbreak. I immideatly went to doctor to get it swabbed and hsv2 came positive. I was devasted first I think my new bf had it too but after I told him (which was immideatly after I know my status) he tested negative. I started using daily valtrex and condoms ( before that we didnt use much of a condom) he got molluscum tested again with negatve results. He was very calm and supportive. We are dating almost 3 years now and getting married this July.


My question is If you were him and transmitted from me what could have been reaction is? He loves me deeply but he was very upset about not telling him before which I even didnt know about it :( he wanted to me tell that I was suspicious about it before but I tested several times. I also can show my results was neg! :(

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Sounds to me like you did what you should have done. I had 3 different swab tests come back negative. It was not until after the last one that I was finally seen by a doctor. After he examined the lesion and thoroughly interogated me he finally said what I had was herpes. 27 years later I finally had an IgG test that confirmed HSV2. False negative test results are probably common. Until that doctor told me I had herpes I thought it had to be something else. You can tell your fiancé that you are not the only person to ever fall victim to a false negative herpes test.

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