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Wooooow. A disclosure "success"....

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So, awhile back I had mentioned that since diagnosis in Feb, I've only told my current bf, my giver, and an ex of mine who keeps reappearing in my life. I had told this ex as sort of "practice", and also I'm really happy with my bf now and don't want anything or anyone to F it up. I had replied to a mssg from this ex with a big long lecture about how I got H, and that he should be careful too because you CAN get it with condoms, statistics, etc. Didn't hear back from him of course. UNTIL LAST NIGHT. He mssgs me saying he wished I was there. I said, you DID get my mssg that I have herpes now, right?? He said yeah I know. I guess in my mind I thought it would scare him away. I guess not. This ex also has a beautiful gf. He did the same thing to me when I dated him too.

I'm so glad to be with someone who DOESNT cheat for a change. I thought herpes would be my wingman so to speak and weed out the riffraff ex, but apparently he doesn't care. Just thought I would share for those of you worried about disclosure. This is a guy 10 yrs younger than me, very cute, but is a player and a perpetual cheater. Even HE still wants me. Shocked but a small part of me is relieved I guess. Not going there of course, since I'm happy with a GOOD guy now. So my "practice" disclosure (as I call it since I didn't really care about the outcome) was a success!

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Congrats!!! Lol I haven't disclosed to anyone but two friends and their reactions were pretty good compared to other folks. I'm still with the person who gave it to me, but I kinda want to test it out on a crush. See how they respond, just for practice too ;) hahaha

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