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I think I might have Herpes and its making me go crazy.

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I'm a 30yo male. So about 5 weeks ago I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman for about 3 minutes (quick I know). I asked if she had any type of STI and she said she was clean. However I started to get paranoid. 5 days later I went to get checked for chlamydia and gonorrhea, both reported clean. After that I calmed down a bit. About 18 days later I went out for a bicycle ride, which is new to me. I am usually not very active, after my 1 hour bike ride I felt great. 3 Days later I wake up and take a shower, as I am scrubbing I feel pain originating from my penis and when I look down I notice a skin colored lump on the corner of my penis head tip in the area where a penis head splits. Its painful but not fluid filled and looks almost like its irritated. The next day I go to a urgent care center and show them. The doctor lets me know that it does not look like Herpes or any type of STI but rather looks like a yeast infection. Its almost been a week and I still have it, nothing seems to have changed it still looks the same and only feels uncomfortable some days. I have an appointment with my actual doctor coming up but I am freaking out that it might be some type of STI, everywhere I read about Herpes being mistaken for a yeast infection.


Some more about me: 30yo, male, hispanic, slightly overweight.


Does this sound like Herpes or am I just way over thinking things?

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My advice is to relax and get tested and make sure specifically ask the doctor for herpes tests.


If it comes back negative, then whatever.


If it it comes back positive, then whatever. It won't kill you, and, at least in my case, I haven't let it really get in the way of my sex life, and I disclose to everyone, so..

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I keep reading into it and the more I read about it the more I feel like I don't have Herpes and it looks nothing like it. But then I will read something that sounds like something I might have and then. Boom! I feel like I have it again.

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My advice would be to schedule an appointment with a Urologist if you do not trust the opinion of your primary care doctor. I would try to get knowledgeable on what tests to ask for and think clearly about what symptoms you have, but stop trying to WebMD diagnosis yourself. I did that for so long, I even got paranoid about penile cancer at one point. I started practicing avoidance and deferment of appointments because my anxiety got so bad. There are some things that are out of our control, but you can change how you think about them and the actions you take in the future.


I totally agree with hippyherpy


"If it comes back negative, then whatever.


If it it comes back positive, then whatever."


I had a sexual partner that actually had genital HSV-1, and I became extremely paranoid at one point. Realizing that even if I did test positive, it wasn't the end of the world like I previously thought, helped me calm down a bit.


I have yet to be diagnosed with herpes, but from what my urologist told me having a new sexual partner can cause some irritation so it may even just be that. After I went, I realized that some of my irritation was probably psychosomatic. I am now waiting on the results of my blood tests, so I am still a bit anxious, but for me being informed is far better than the ignorance I previously practiced.


Be cautious and get fully tested, but learn to breathe and relax about the situation because regardless of the outcome, you will be okay. Worrying won't change any part of whatever you may or may not have.


Good luck, you will be a okay man regardless man!


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