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  1. Your mom probably guilty about something but it ain't your problem. You do you.
  2. Your mom is trolling you. "Girls Gine Wild"? She's basically saying if you didn't have herpes you'd be a massive slut? Dang mom, not very nice. Like most people, it sounds like your mom is ignorant to the reality of what herpes is. She doesn't sound like she knows the facts. Herpes isn't a big deal. More importantly, your sex life is none of her business. She's probably jealous that she isn't as young and attractive as she used to be or as you are or something. It doesn't matter. Anyway, relax and enjoy your life. We aren't here forever and herpes so common that 4/5 people on the planet have it. Also, you can still "girls gone wild" with herpz. I've had rampant casual sex and threesome etc, all with disclosure and herpes.
  3. It's actually less than if you had it in your mouth because it's not as active as cold sores. So if he kissed someone with cold sores he'd be more likely to get that HSV1 in his mouth than if he ate you out.
  4. With all due respect, FatalSorrow represents a smidgen of people who get intense symptoms. He doesn't seem to understand what "giving" herpes to most people means. Unless he is a shill for the pharmaceutical industry, and is trying to drum up hysteria. Most people get zero symptoms. herpes isn't a big big deal
  5. What you are experiencing is super rare. Don't let HSV1 stop you from kissing people. The majority of people alive have cold sores. Seriously. You are blowing it out of proportion. Separate your own experience from what the reality is for pretty much everyone else. It's important to stick with the facts and not get overrun by emotion.
  6. Relax if you don't have it you might get it in the future and it a ain't a big deal.
  7. 2 of the most common things you can get if you've slept with more than three people. Congrats- you aren't a nun. Pretty much everyone has HPV, and there's almost no way to tell who unless you actually have the warts. Then they go away or come back. It's just a non-issue for the most part. Herpes doesn't even have any cancer pontential and it's slightly less common, but pretty much in the same ball park as far as how pervasive it is. These two "diseases" are like the scouts' badges that says you aren't a hermit.
  8. You are like the Virgin Mary of herpes. Your wife probably has it if you've never dipped your wick elsewhere and you have genital HSV 2. Unless someone bumped uglies with you when you were sleeping.
  9. Get some meds like Valtrex. You are going to be fine. Herpes isn't a big deal. Don't make a bigger thing out of it than it actually is.
  10. That is my dating love life since diagnosis. 7/8 is about right, but again there are some rejections. I stil have options. Truth is that most girls don't seem to care in my experience because I don't make a bigger deal about herpes than it needs to be. You are proof in that moment that it's ok- your confidence demonstrates that ain't no thang. Yeah it's a shock that first couple weeks to get this thing, but it's mostly just amental shock for most people. In your case you had a bad reaction.
  11. Yep. I tell them that exactly. I break it down how I lay it out and I say what I say at each step in my thread called ladies' man herpes success stories. When it's clear that we are definitely going to have sex, I tell them I want to tell them something. Then I say I have herpes and immediately ask them if they know anything about it. That's the thing- most people either don't know anything about it or have the wrong info on it. So you will probably have to correct the info for them. That said, I've had a lot of girls who are like "you don't have a break out right? Ok, let's use a condom." I've had girls who are even ok with not using a confirm after a couple rounds of boning. Sorry to hear that you got a bad outbreak. It really is rare to get it that bad. A lot of the people who will come to this site are the rare exceptions of people with bad outbreaks looking for info. It makes herpes look like an overall nightmare but the truth is that most people get zero symptoms. So even if you passed it on to someone, they aren't likely to manifest symptoms as badly as you. So don't get worked up with guilt and dread about passing it on. Your first outbreak is usually the worst and then maybe you will get a few more and most people don't get many. Get on some Valtrex. There is a silver lining to herpes though- it can act like an early warning system in some ways. If you tend to go out and party and drink and wear your body down, that's when herpes is likely to act up. In that sense, it actually puts you more in touch with and makes you more aware of your immune system. Like an immune system dashboard. Or if you aren't dealing with some emotional issue directly and try to hide it, herpes might act up. It forces you to ne more honest about what your are feeling. Herpes can can nudge you to stay more healthy in general mentally and physically. Another silver lining is that having herpes can help motivate you to maximize all you le attractive qualities. You want o be able to come with confidence to a girl. Truth is that there will be somemrejections, but that's ok and normal - even without herpes there are rejections for a wide variety of reasons. Herpes Ian just one other reason, and I'd say 7/8 of my sexual encounters the girls give me a green light. Confidence is about having an abundance mindset and not worrying about whether or not some girl rejects you. There are many more fish in the sea.
  12. Ruiner your sex life isn't over. It will be regardless of herpes if you take a defeatist attitude like that because no woman is attracted to that shit. Anyway, I've had sex like 70 chicks after getting diagnosed about two years ago. All disclosures. Don't use having herpes as an excuse to wallow in self-pity. Colds are incurable too, but people don't cry about the condition of "getting colds". You'll get over it. Work out, get your lifestyle, game , fashion, etc together and don't scape goat the having herpes thing. It really isn't a big deal.
  13. Sorry to hear about your mother. Ok so you are dealing with other heavy things in your life that aren't related to herpes. It's important, as hard as it may seem, to separate these things. Also, you are new herpes- that means you are in shock more because you don't understand the facts about it yet. It's not anywhere near as bad as you think. But don't take my word for it, read up on all the facts and you will see that it isn't a big deal. Hang in there, your perspective on herpes will improve. It's a lot of stuff to deal with at once - passing of family. You will pull through this time stronger. I promise.
  14. Yeah well half the new cases of genital herpes in England come from people with a history of "cold sores" giving head to their partners. That's on par with or maybe more than genital hsv2 being passed around. The legality of everything herpes is very tenuous. Another example of weak legality with regards to herpes is being able to prove who gave it to whom. They need to just remove it from the legal all together.
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