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Genital Herpes Type 1 Question

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I got infected in 2010 and have had 2 outbreaks since then. The first outbreak wasn't really that bad but the second outbreak was horrible. They told me the outbreaks would be in the same area but this wasn't true. It was so horrible I literally went to the hospital because the pain was unbelievable. They also told me since its type 1 that I would get 2 outbreaks or only one and never get another outbreak again. Of course I'm really doubting this but I need some closure. Does anyone know if this is true?
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From what I know about herpes, the first few outbreaks are always the worst, but if you have a good immune system, then successive outbreaks get less and less severe with time as your body develops more and more antibodies to defend against the virus. And yes, type 1 genital herpes doesn't prefer to be on the genitals (type 1 prefers oral, type 2 prefers genitals), but that doesn't mean you'll only have a few outbreaks and then it'll stop forever. For some people that's true, for others their type 1 genital herpes outbreaks are just as common and severe as they would be if they had a type 2 genital herpes. Just be kind to yourself through this process, be healthy and you will get better. Perfect excuse to take care of yourself, eat healthy and not stress out! Much love, Cheche. We're here for you as you go through your process of healing. 


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