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So itchy after first OB...advice?

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I have just recently found out that I have HSV2. I had my first OB which was very minor and small. I am thankful for that. It was misdiagnosed at first as a cyst and given doxycycline (which i took all of with the valtrex)because I did not have what they say are normal symptoms. I finished my ten days of valtrex and my little sore is all healed up...but I am so itchy. Everywhere...on my bottom...on my vagina area...and all on the right side. Which is were my ob was. (I did not itch at all during my outbreak). No rash..just very itchy. To the point of not be able to sleep. I also have tail bone pain. I started taking lysine twice a day...(1000)..and vit E for immune...but I can not get the itchy feeling to go away...the tail bone pain is anoying but it's not intolerable. My question is...what is a good vitamin to be on for my immune system..along with the lysine...and is there anyone who has experienced this? I would like to know how to stop it or when does it stop? I am normally pretty healthy and have a good diet...


Thanks all.

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Well I honestly don't want to stay on antiviarals....I have never been big on taking meds. I did go get the b complex vits today and I am hoping that helps..I'm also taking the lysine. Also eating yogurt daily...and I'm going to stay as stress free as possiblel. I thank you very much for helping me answer this. God bless.

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Btw I am taking probiotics to control the yeast infections that I am having after my diagnosis. I don't think they help with OBs but I no longer have stomach issues so I continue taking them. Also, vitamin D helps. I have anemia, I think that is why my body is having trouble controlling the virus.

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Yeah..I'm only about a month into this but I am trying to get a jump on it...I'm already pretty healthy but if I can boost up my immune sustem that might help. I also ended up with a yeast infection..first one ever. I hope you start feeling better soon...may just take a little longer for your body to get a hold on it. Best wishes...

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I'm in the same boat. Had my first outbreak Around Jan 10. Took about a week or so to heal but the itching hasn't stopped. Dr gave me some cream (hydrocortisone with clomitrazole which is Canesten I believe). This seems to help a bit. I'm on suppressive Valtrex too. Wondering if that stuff makes you itchy.

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