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Blood test for HSV1

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I've just come from my doctor's office where he confirmed that I have HSV1. I had a primary outbreak a couple of weeks ago, had the lesions tested and received results today.


I have a couple of questions (at least for now, anyway).

1. My doctor says there isn't a blood test to test for HSV, that you can only test for the virus when there are lesions present. I thought that I had read here on the forum that there is a test for HSV. Can someone shed some light on this or clarify for me?

2. My partner (a less than one-month relationship) has been very supportive. He has never had an outbreak that he is aware of. He is the first partner that I've had in several (3 to 4) months, so I assume he has HSV1 and that is how I got HSV1. He and I both enjoy oral sex very much and need some advice as to how to proceed. From what I understand, as long as you don't have lesions, oral sex should be fine - can someone corroborate/clarify this for me or point me in the right direction?


Thanks in advance.

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1. There are blood tests available for hsv. I am not a doctor but your doctor is worng. There are 3 types of tests: IgM, IGG and Western Blot. IgM is useless but Igg should give you a definite answer after 4 months. Western Blot is the best test available but it is a bit pricey. You can check WCSDancer's posts about the tests.


2. If he has HSV1 orally, he can transmit to you genitally via oral sex. So, he might not have hsv1 genitally. In your case receiving oral sex should be fine. If you have hsv1 orally as well (80% of the population have it) you can give oral. HSV1 doesn't shed as much as HSV2 so if you are taking antivirals and using condoms, transmission rate is very low. You can check the handbook for that.





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Just to clarify, your doctor may mean there is no blood test for the virus..which is accurate. There are only blood tests for the antibodies your body produces against the virus (Which is the IgM and IgG).


As for the partner, I would have him get the test we just talked about above. If he is negative that will put us in a better position advice wise.

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