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Diagnosed with Hsv1 Nose area..

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Hey everyone. So, it was rough being diagnosed positive to hsv1 recently. A small cluster formed underneath my nose when I was sick a couple of weeks ago and a few blisters on my nose..one I spotted on my chin. The nurse I had spoken with was a little unclear with the dos and donts and I was hoping others could share their thoughts and with me..


Is it safe to wash my face during an outbreak? Obviously no scrubs. I was so worried of spreading the virus that I was afraid to wash or scrub any other part of my body.


Can I kiss. I miss kissing!! But don't want to spread it.


I was tested 7 months ago, I think swabbed and had a blood test done, both were negative. Is there a way I can pin point the infection?


I'm in a relationship, but we had issues that started then.


I'm assuming my partner has it, but shows no signs. If the tests failed me, how can we find out for him?

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Oh, and we've performed oral on each other before the breakout...eeek...should we be expecting any surprises down under? We don't use protection. Haven't in 8 years..is that a safety must now?


By the way, I need to clarify, when I said I was afraid of washing, I meant areas like my back and legs etc when showering. Even shaving scared me..of course I wash my hands as if I was a walking disease bomb..constantly hand sanitizing here.. Not a gun way to live with so many fears.

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I have a friend that has outbreaks in the same area. It's essentially the same as an oral infection from my understanding. If you are worried about spreading the infection to other areas during an outbreak by washing, you could use a separate rag for your face and body. Honestly, the soap and water should kill the virus, but do what makes you feel more comfortable. Unless you are playing with the blisters themselves, there really isn't any reason to obsess over hand washing, etc. Maybe after you become more aware of how the virus reacts for you, you'll be more comfortable.


Pin pointing when you contracted it is a little harder, the negative 7 months ago is a good start, but you have to take into account any sex you had during the 3 month period before testing. (They always say that any encounter during the past three months before testing may not show up on the test).


As for your partner, he could get an IgG type specific blood test. A swab would be useless since he isn't having outbreaks.


I would get him tested and see what the results are. If he is positive, then there really is no need to change your sex life. Just be mindful of outbreaks and abstain during that period. If he's negative, then you'll want to take precautions with oral in the future (It's really up to you guys what risks you are willing to take).


Did you notice any tingling in the area before the blisters appeared? My friend with the same type of outbreaks says she feels a creepy crawling feeling right before. If so, you'll at least know when your outbreaks are coming.


Best of luck!

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