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Diagnosed with HSV-1 Genitally, got a few questions!


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Good to find a little community who can help answer some question, I'm a 25 year old male from England and apparently the doctors in my area don't seem to give you much help with questions! In August of this year me and my long time partner separated and after one new partner in September I developed symptoms of HSV. Me and the girl I'd slept with both went down to our nearest Sexual Health Clinic to be tested and low and behold I came back positive for HSV-1 however she came back negative as she was showing no symptoms (and she has never done). We both know that her ex has suffered from Cold Sores so that at least gives me a lead to where it may have come from! She is awaiting to be retested to make sure anyway as a precaution.


I have a few questions if someone could help me out with some answers:

1. I've heard its very unlikely to catch HSV-1 from Vaginal sex and more likely from Oral sex is this the case?


2. I've become terrified that I'm going to catch HSV-1 in other areas of my body if she indeed is positive with HSV-1 such as my mouth from oral sex, fingers or god forbid I rub my eye after sex and spread it to my eyes!


3. In terms of the stages of Outbreaks I know positively that I've had 3, two of which were back to back is that common with newly infected people? And as far as the rest goes I've experienced itching and some red scar like looking skin is that something that I should be wary of?


Thanks for any help!


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1. Yes, it's more likely to catch HSV1 genitally through oral sex.

2. Since you have HSV1 genitally, I wouldn't worry about getting it orally. It can happen, but oral HSV1 is so common that people barely blink at that diagnosis. As for the fingers, its very rare to get whitlow. Just be mindful of any sex during outbreaks (but you said she was negative so far? So she may not be your giver?)

3. During the first year, it's common to have multiple outbreaks. The skin should heal up after awhile and things should look normal.


Did they swab you? And how did they test her? Blood test?

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Thanks for getting back to me so quick :)

I know it's possible just I wondered if anyone knew how likely it was that it could happen? And ideally I don't want to end up with coldsores too.

Okay I'll look forward to a swift end to the year!


I was swabbed yes, she's been for a blood test and a oral,vaginal and anal swab but all came back negative. However when fingering her recently I noticed a rough patch inside her that didn't feel like normal vaginal wall which I think might have been a healing sore.

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It's tricky. Some people get hit in multiple places, some don't. We aren't sure why this happens, but there are ideas (Immune system status, length of time you've had it, etc)


My husband had oral herpes, about a year into the relationship I found out I have genital, and we never used any precautions other than abstaining during an outbreak. To this day (18 yrs later) we've never had an outbreak in the opposite area. And he was a horrible nail/cuticle biter, if anyone would get whitlow you would think he would have it.


But then you get people that get it in every location possible. There really is no one answer for that question, sorry.


The swabbing on her would be pointless if she didn't have anything to swab. The blood test (assuming shes had it awhile) would be the best bet. Was it an IgG type specific blood test?


And with herpes you can carry it and never know. Although she had an ex with cold sores, there is a possibility that she may be negative. Just wanted you to keep that in mind.

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