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Any avid runners/fitness people out there?

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Hello all,

Instead of taking this time to talk about how devastated I am about my herpes diagnosis this afternoon (still waiting on the culture to come back with the type, but my doctor could tell by looking at my sores that it's definitely herpes) I'd like to talk about how to continue to do the things I love in life.

I am an avid gym goer and love lifting weights. Currently, I'm training to run a half marathon in late April, and have been training since early December. Needless to say, I haven't been able to workout or run since my symptoms hit me on Sunday morning. Strangely enough, I think this has caused me the most grief (maybe I'm still in shock/denial or something.)

Are there any people on here who try to continue to workout during recurrences? If so, anything special that you do to minimize the pain? Tips or suggestions are welcome!


Thank you all!

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WCSDancer2010 has this blog http://supporttruthanddialog.com/. It has all kinds of tips on how to deal with outbreaks.


The first outbreak more times than not is the worst. There is a six month to a year learning curve on outbreaks. Every one has a different pattern. You might talk to your doctor about taking an antiviral in suppressive dosage while you are in training. That could help keep the outbreaks at bay and stop you from having anymore interruptions.

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Thanks you both! I was able to fill the prescription for the antiviral on Wednesday night so I've been taking it for a couple days now. I just wish this primary outbreak would go away already! It hurts to walk, so I can't even imagine running!

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I'm a fitness instructor and weight train 5 days a week. Fitness has helped me maintain a sense of normalcy (routine) since my diagnosis last June. During my first outbreak, while I wanted to workout, I couldn't will or rush my body to do so. A couple of days after the sores cleared, my energy level increased and general achiness disappeared.

Personally outbreaks affect my workouts in terms of: what I wear... self explanatory: no compression pants, biking shorts, thongs, etc. Supplements I take and avoid. I favor cycling for cardio; but, avoid it during obs, as my obs are always on my perineum. The contact with the saddle causes too much discomfort. HIIT workouts on the treadmill are a go to during these times.

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