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Will this ever go away?

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I just got the news today.

I just don't know how to handle the situation. I'm not upset actually. I'm so much of a take what life hands you kind of person. I'm just ignorant about the condition as a whole. I've got to go talk to my doctor.. But until then what kind of advice can you give me? How risky is my next pregnancy going to be? Do I need to have my IUD removed? Will this ever go away? What are the different types and what are the differences between the two? How easy is this to spread and do I ALWAYS have to use a condom during sex? I do want more children.. I'm just lost and confused.

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Definitely find out which type you have. Genital HSV1 is generally a lot milder than HSV2 - 1 outbreak pr year vs HSV2 which is about 5-6 a year approximately.

Did you get this virus from your current partner? If so it's not going to affect you that much because you cannot transfer the virus back and forth if you both already have this virus. So there's not much need for precautions if you both are positive.


There's no need to worry about pregnancy. Herpes does not affect fertility. If/when you become pregnant, inform your doctor about your HSV status and they can put you on antivirals the last couple of weeks of pregnancy to avoid outbreaks. Some doctors might want to do a c-cection if you have an active outbreak during labour, but even if you gave a natural birth with sores the risk of passing it on to the baby is still very slim (I think I read it is somewhere between 1-2% chance of transmitting it to the baby, so very small!).

Since you've had the virus before you get pregnant, the baby will be able to build antibodies before you give birth. The risk is greater if you get a primary infection with HSV while you are pregnant. So no need to worry, but always let your doctor know so they can guide you when it comes to antivirals and giving birth.

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@Tina94 @Achemeff Risk of transmitting GHSV1 or HSV2 to baby during vaginal birth is .02% (1/5500) when the infection is well established (meaning mother has had it long enough to build sufficient antibodies), but it is 30-50% (1/2 or 1/3) if the infection is contracted during the last few months of pregnancy.

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