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Valtrex side effect tingling

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Every time I take Valtrex my leg and behind starts to tingle as if I am shedding or about to have an OUTBREAK, but an outbreak never happens just the tingling of my skin m. Is the tingling a side effect of the Vsltrex, could Valtrex be making me shed, or I'm I shedding? It only happens when I take my Valtrex. I have been taking it for 7 days now.



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My gynecologist of over 30 years as well as the new Dr's and aids all say it's so common and don't even bat an eye.....however, they all seem more than willing to answer or get an answers for any H related questions. They've even asked around and gotten back to me which is refreshing. Besides that, you have to figure in that large practice, several of them have it!!!

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@katidid @hikinggirl how long did it take for your prodrome to decrease when you switched to acyclovir? I switched Thursday but I feel like now I have more prodromes last night into this morning than I did on maintenance dose of valtrex :( I was hoping this would be my solution

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@Katidid thank you, I'll give it some time. I did the same thing - straight from valtrex to acyclovir. I guess I've been worried because it seems the feelings have increased. The midwife thinks the feelings are all related to the virus and my body adjusting to it. She said she had one patient who had issues with weird feelings for about a year and now that patient may have an issue maybe once a year. I know that peoples bodies go haywire with their primary outbreak - I would hope since the virus has been in my body for a period of time, even though its never shown until now, that my body would have a handle on it. But I guess thats not the case, its just frustrating

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@ash2018 In my case, I was on Valtrex for about six months, then took no antivirals at all, then stated acyclovir aboout six months later. So I didn't switch from one to the other immediately. But once I stopped Valtrex, I'd say it was at least a week or a little longer for all of the zingers to settle down.

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@katidid I'm 26, I'm on birth control but I've been on that. I do however have a theory that a change in pills (and thus a change in hormones) is what triggered my outbreak. I had just finished the first pack of a new birth control when I had my outbreak. It's the only thing that changed in my life at the time this showed up. My IgG was positive (9.48) indicating it wasn't a new infection. That lab was drawn about 3 weeks after symptom onset

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