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Is it herpes or not?

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Hi everyone,


So great to see this website and the positive views everyone has.


I have a story which I was hoping someone could comment on and maybe someone else has had a similar experience.


About two years ago I developed sores on my penis - I went to the doctor and had a culture done which came back negative for herpes. I waited and had the igg blood test done at 3 months/4 months and 6 months - each time it came back negative. I then had another small sore about 8 months later - had that cultured, again negative. I also saw a urologist who didn't find anything.


Despite all this, I have had itching, tingling sensations and just recently another small scab which could have been due to friction but have had really bad tingling and pain during this time.


The doctors all tell me I don't have herpes, but in reading other forums and my symptoms, it seems like I might have it. I'm gay, so I know that there is a lot of herpes in the gay world, although probably not talked about, but obviously don't want to pass it on to anyone if I have it. My friends say I have to trust the doctors and not tell people but there must be something going on.


Out of interest also, I had a rash on my neck several years ago which was cultured and came back positive for HSV1. But on the blood tests I had neither 1 or 2 were positive. Am I a phenomenon?!! :)


Any advice/thoughts would be very helpful.


Thank you.



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Well based on what you're saying it definitely sounds like herpes, but that is quite confusing that the cultures are showing up negative? I have never heard of this before ... If you have been cultured for HSV1, then you probably have genital HSV1, too. 50% of new genital herpes cases are from HSV1 (people going down on each other with cold sores on their mouths). If you have gotten a culture from an HSV1 outbreak and it comes back positive, then your blood should show antibodies against HSV1. So yes, as far as I'm concerned, you're a phenomenon. ;) Check out the Western Blot test as its a good alternative to the IgG test.

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Thanks for your reply - sorry I haven't messaged back. So I should probably do the Western Blot test then. I went to my doctor again recently and she said based on the evidence she has, I don't have herpes and therefore don't have to say anything. I feel a little worried about that - my friends say I have to believe the medical experts.... What are your thoughts?

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Open communication is all that you can do. That's what relationship is all about anyway. "Hey, just wanted to inform you that I've had something going on down there that I haven't figured out what it is yet and the doctor says it's nothing to worry about. But I wanted to let you know since it doesn't feel quite right. I'm in the process of getting another test." Being open about all you know is the good, mature thing to do. Saying nothing doesn't feel right to you, but saying you have something isn't scientifically/medically proven (at least not yet). Feels like limbo to me. And to communicate that limbo is where it's at as far as I see it.

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