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So confused???

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Thanks for the add, ..... I am currently waiting for blood test results but my bf of 9 yrs just got his back yesterday, he was tested bc he had a sore down below.. one spot... He went to the Dr one week after sore showed up. They did not swab it. Said he had herpes ordered a blood test.... His test came back positive he don't remember what type cause he was so pissed, but the nurse told him on the phone that he got it with in the last 3 weeks and he could have only got it from me and I will test positive as well. So my question is, can the blood test tell u when u got it? My Dr had told me no but his is telling him this. Now he's accusing me of cheating. We have been together a total of 15 yrs, did have a three yr breakup but have been faithfully back together for 9. I don't believe he has cheated on me and as of last night I hope he believes I am not. This is tearing us apart... This nurse, I feel had no right to say what she did.

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There's no test that can tell when you contracted the infection.


The only time when there is convincing evidence that an infection was recently acquired is when one partner tests positive on an igg and another tests negative and then positive later, provided the originally negative partner has only been with the positive partner in the last six months. This test is called the igg.


It is possible your boyfriend tested positive on the igm. Many people falsely believe that the igm test indicates a recent infection. Before anything else, you need to find 1) what test he got and 2) what he tested positive for. You also need to get an igg test yourself, since it sounds like this has already become the blame game.

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I looked at the paper work last night and igg and Igm test we're both ordered for him and me as well. I have not got my results back yet. And he was so pissed that he don't know which type she said or which test was + and which one was - so we are making an appt to go over results

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