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My first week with herpes

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I am 22 and I am on day 6 after find out I have GH. I can tell you that it has been a roller coaster of a week! Brace yourself for a long post and I have a few questions at the end!


I'll start off with some background on how I got my first outbreak...

I have been having sex with the same guy this year and it's only been a few times and every time I had a check up after and was negative on everything. I don't want a boyfriend but I wanted to just gain a bit of sexual experience because I'd literally had sex not even 10 times in my whole life before him. I feel comfortable with him and we have a lot of fun.


So we had a party with our friends on the Saturday I knew I was seeing him that night we had been texting all week. I obviously made sure I shaved to prep myself for the big event but I made sure I was smooth as anything (this is error 1).


The party was good but we finally left and I was super excited as last time we had sex was May - a girls got needs!! We went back to his and had great sex for nearly 2 hours non stop (error 2) and without any lube (error 3).


By the time we had finished I was swollen and in pain but also felt so fab and I know I don't have a lot to compare to but it was the best sex of my life! I went to the toilet and saw a little blood but didn't think too much of it. We then had sex a few more times when we woke up (error 4).


So here is what happened next...


Monday - Wednesday: still sore and swollen and a bit dry so I go buy some creams to apply. I also came on my period on Tuesday. Wednesday it hurt when I wee and I'm back and forth to the toilet - having experienced a UTI before I knew what it was so went to the doctors to get some antibiotics.


Thursday: I go out for dinner with work and I just don't feel okay. I am home before 9pm this is unheard of for me so I think I must be ill! When I get in I finally pluck the courage to look down below. It looked horrible I was in such shock and sent a picture to my cousin (we are ridiculously close!) and we both agree something is not right.

This was my worst night I couldn't sleep because of the shooting pains and the itching was driving me crazy I just ended up laying in the dark crying. I had about 3 hours sleep.


Friday: I woke up and got ready but could barely walk. I sat on the train fighting back the tears. When I got into work my colleague asked me how I was and I just broke down and said I needed to go to the clinic.


I get to the clinic still red eyed and sniffling was like I need to go the clinic. I an barely sit in the waiting room because of the pain. Finally 2 hours later I am seen by a doctor who is actually really nice. She takes me to get checked out and then that's when she tells me she is certain it is herpes. I just got that stomach drop feeling and felt like I was going to throw up then I burst into tears.


The next 20 mins is spent of her trying to tell me it will be okay and me dry heaving and trying to stop crying. She sends me on my way with 400mg of aciclovir for 3 times a day for 3 days and telling me salt water wash.


I was a mess for the rest of the day. I didn't go back to work but went to a friends who ran me and bath and made me food and then I slept the whole afternoon with a ice pack between my legs.


I told my mum when I got home and she was really understanding even though she didn't really know what herpes was at all.


Saturday: I salt water washed about 4 times and god did it hurt! I then applied epriderm ointment thinking this would help - it doesn't so for those suffering please don't use creams!

I was taking paracetamol every 4 hours and felt exhausted and constantly had an ice pack on. I also started taking vitamin C on this day.


Sunday: I spent the day googling everything I could possibly google about herpes. I found out that it's better to dry them out then use creams so by the evening I would; salt water wash, blow dry my lady bits with the hair dryer then apply baby powder. This helped the itching.


Monday: I felt better in the morning after my little drying out technique and went to work still unable to sit down comfortably. It got worst throughout the day. I ran out of my tablets today and needed more but unable to get back to the clinic I got an emergency doctors app and he prescribed me 200mg aciclovir 5 times a day for 5 days.


I went to a friends house for dinner and was in so much pain I had to leave. I cried in the car on the way home upset that herpes has got in the way of my social life and this is when I would say I got to my darkest point....


Tuesday: I woke up on autopilot and got ready for work. I was exhausted I had hardly slept the night before and was crying before 8am to my mum saying I would rather be dead than have this.

I cried on the train. I cried when I got into work. I cried in holland and Barrett. Finally I went home and cried again to my mum and feel asleep. My friends called to see if I was okay and cried to them. I was so low I thought it was never going to end. I was going to lose my friends, I was going to feel like this forever and one of the most upsetting things is that I have Ibiza booked and if I felt like this there was no way I could go!

I bought from H&B after reading of home remadies: reshi mushroom supplements, cod liver oil and tea tree oil (the holy grail!!!!!!)


Wednesday: I took this day off work and spent the day in bed and having regular salt water washes and applying tea tree oil. This is the best thing ever. Within 24 hours my spots and cuts have gone down. Stings a little bit but not like the pain I've been experiencing. Also I have eaten some broccoli today as that appaz helps... who knows!!!


Thursday: So this brings me too today day 6 and I can tell you I'm feeling a lot more normal. I'm back at work I can sit down without any pain and I don't feel as tired. Most of the first spots and cuts are clearing up however I got another spot that come up yesterday - ugh! - but I've iced and put tea tree on it all yesterday and today so hopefully it won't turn nasty like before! I have to go back to the clinic to get my results tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I have herpes. Although that was the end of the world last week I am finally starting to feel better. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!


My tips that I have learnt in 6 days:

- take the pills

- Take paracetamol

- Use tea tree oil

- Keep the area dry

- Try have a couple days off work and sleep with no underwear on

- Sleep with an ice pack

- Take vitamin C


So my questions (potentially trivial):

1. The main one... What an earth am I going to do about Ibiza!?!!? I've read that partying and stress makes you have an outbreak. I planned on no eating or sleeping for the whole 4 days... now I'm going to have to worry about getting an outbreak

2. Shaving or waxing? I can't go to Ibiza with a bush so what shall I do? I was already getting lazer hair removal at the end of year - should I still go ahead with this?

3. When can I go back to the gym? Will it irritate me?


Sorry for the long winded post but just wanted to share my experience!!


Mollie x

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I'm curious about returning to the gym as well. My first OB started mid June, 2 days after sex. First felt like a yeast infection, progressed to UTI pain shortly afterwards, and fast forward to a week ago this horrible, throbbing pain began shooting down my left leg. That's when my gyno was like, "yep, herpes." It didn't go down exactly that way, but that's the short version. Prior to the leg pains I was treated with diflucan for yeast infection, macrobid for UTI, and various antibiotics for unknown bacterial infections. They ran blood work but never tested my for H until the leg pain. Anyway, yesterday after I got my diagnosis the culmination of the entire experience drove me mental. I had refrained from any strenuous activity since the UTI symptoms started because they were just too painful, but I decided to go to the gym in spite of the physical pain. I was an emotional wreck and had all this excess anxiety I wanted to expel. I kept it mild- set the treadmill to 3.5 without incline. By the time I got home, I thought my entire groin area was going to explode! I took 600 mg Motrin (I think it's similar to the paracetamol- it's an NSAID) and it helped tremendously. But I want to work out!!! I'm on my first day of acyclovir. I'm debating on whether or not to let this primary OB pass before getting back into exercising intensely. I've read that stress is a trigger (including physical), but that exercise helps....conflicting info. As far as shaving- I haven't even considered it yet, but I totally understand your concern. I would definitely use a brand new razor and use it only for the bikini area. Use another razor for everywhere else. Even a slightly dull razor can cause irritation. And maybe try baby lotion instead of shaving gel? It's made for babies so I'm assuming it's super gentle. I have super sensitive skin and my bikini area is a tough place to tackle. The only thing that has helped is drying the area completely after shaving and wearing men's boxer briefs for a day or two. Regular underwear digs into the area and going commando causes severe chaffing. I've even worn a maxi skirt/dress without underwear to combat irritation. This was all before my diagnosis though. Like I said before- shaving is the last thing on my mind right now. Please let me know what happens though. I'm brand new to this as well and want to know what to expect after my first encounter with a razor post diagnosis. I've been considering laser hair removal for quite a while now. Even if it triggers an OB, you won't have to shave anymore. You'll know what to expect after the treatments and eventually you won't be exposing the area to potential irritants.


As far as this guy is concerned- I guess you can preface the disclosure by ensuring him that you're not making any accusations. You're simply informing him that you experienced your first H outbreak after your last sexual encounter with him and that it would be in his best interest to get tested. There's a whole section of this forum dedicated to disclosure. It will probably be much more helpful than any advice I can offer.


I'm glad you're feeling better though! It gives me hope that within a few days of taking my medication I'll actually experience relief.


I really wish someone with more experience would talk about when it's safe to resume exercise. I guess everyone's triggers are different. This will probably be a trial and error thing.


Have fun in Ibiza! I'd probably go easy on the alcohol ☹️I know it sucks, but it stresses out the immune system and our bodies need to focus all their energy on building antibodies. And use sunscreen! I've read that sunburn can trigger an OB.


I think that eventually life can totally go back to normal, but for now while we're fighting this virus it's probably best baby ourselves. Good luck!

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@Jessieandjuice I would definitely wait until your OB has cleared up before going to the gym. I think I may go back tomorrow and just take it easy. Ill let you know how it goes.


I can't believe it took them so much back and forth to diagnose you, must've been so painful. If you still have sores definitely get some tea tree oil and mix with water and apply to the sores every 3 hours - its a miracle! Along with the antibiotics and using that most of my outer sores are completely gone in 48 hours. I also had the day off work and slept sooooo much my body definitely needed to recover.


I am going back to the Clinic today to get my results they are ovbs going to be positive but I will ask the doctors what she recommends shaving wise and if lazer is a good step forward or not.


Yes I read that somewhere aswell. I normally have sunbeds but I'm very worried to have one if it causes an outbreak. Feel like anything you want to do to make yourself feel better causes a bloody outbreak!!!


Thank you so much. 2 days ago I was crying that I couldn't go but I have now seen the light and so will you! You seem much more positive than I did when I started on day one! Maybe try get some vitamin C aswell I'm currently taking 800mg of it a day. Don't know if thats too much but never heard someone OD on vitamin C lol!!


We will be okay! x




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Just got back from the Clinic and I have type 1. My doctor thinks that I have had the Virus in me for a while and because I got so sore and split from having sex that it gave the opportunity for the virus to come out.


@Jessieandjuice she said I can go back to gym now I'm cleared up and feeling better so I reckon give it a few days before you go back.


Regarding shaving and waxing she said be careful and that in the long run laser would be the best option xx

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@Mw7544 I'm glad you're feeling better! And thanks for answering my question about the gym I still haven't noticed any lesions, but I'm assuming there may be some in my urethra causing the burning sensation when I urinate. This is why it took soooo long for my doc to diagnose me. All I had were yeast infection symptoms and excruciating UTI symptoms. It was only when I got shooting pains down my left leg that my gyno was like, "that sounds like herpetic fever" or something like that. I had seen my pcp when this all started assuming it was a UTI and she never ordered a blood panel. After diflucan and macrobid did nothing she ordered a full UTI panel, but the lab never ran the HSV or urinalysis. How the hell did they miss that?! During that time I was on azithromycin for "general infection." Finally, after seeing my gyno I got the proper blood panel run and was immediately prescribed acyclovir. My left leg still aches- like nerve pain, but it's burning less when I urinate so that's good! I sometimes still feel the urgency to urinate when I don't really need to. And when I finally go to relieve myself it feels like I need to try really hard to empty my bladder. I guess everything is inflamed in there? We all have such different symptoms- even people with the same type.


I bet you'll find the ocean really soothing. And if you're staying at a hotel with a saline pool- even better.


I've literally been using my phone to take pics of my nether region almost everyday bc I can't hold the mirror and flashlight at the same time LOL. I'm just trying to find any hidden lesions. Are the lesions painful? Like painful enough to definitely notice when wiping or bathing? I don't feel anything when I shower. That's why I believe they're in my urethra, but who knows. On a ridiculous note- I can't imagine what someone would think if they hacked into my iCloud!


I already purchased the tea tree oil so I'm armed and ready! I need to pick up some Vit C though. OH! I read that a lysine supplement is helpful for HSV-1. Monolaurin is recommended for HSV-2. I've been too lazy to search for clinical trials that confirm this, but I'll get to it eventually.


Do you plan on taking acyclovir every day, like maintenance? I sort of want to...but I'm not sure.

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