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Having a Difficult Time Adjusting Physically - Question for Veterans

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I have been living with herpes for 8 months. I have GHSV2. I had an extremely difficult initial outbreak that lasted for about 2 months with extreme spinal, hip, and leg pains, yeast infections, migraines, and blistering. I am on suppressive therapy (1000 MG of valacyclovir daily) and I still get monthly outbreaks that last 5- 7 days right after ovulation, when my progesterone levels rise prior to my period. I typically double my valacyclovir dosage and take L-Lysine, zinc, and vitamin C supplements during this time to minimize the outbreak. I'd like to add that I pay about $80/month for medicine. I've heard this gets better over time but could take years. I'd like to hear from any of the veterans that went through a tough time initially and over time their bodies were able to adjust living with the virus. I'm interested in your experience and how long it took for you body to feel normal again.


Thanks in advance for your response!

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I've had h for 30 plus years...I just turned 50, (yuck)

I was misdiagnosed back then, but I remember it clear as day, even called for my chart when I was officially diagnosed 2 years ago, and had multiple physicians agree that was my initial breakout.

It was awful...I couldn't walk...I couldn't go to the bathroom...so much pain...I landed in the emergency room with perianal ulcers...I cleared up with whatever medication I was given (couldn't read it)...and I never had another recognizable symptom until 2 years ago.

I have no idea if I transmitted it, if I had outbreaks, I don't know. My official diagnosis was from an internal lesion. How do you know you have that? I thought it was uti or yeast.

Everyone reacts differently, there is no way to tell, h is tricky.

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