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  1. You are rolling the dice without protection and antiviral therapy—I’ve had it for 30 plus years(decades before knowing) and I’m not aware of transmitting to anyone.
  2. Don’t settle, if he said indefinitely I’d remain friends and look to move on, treasure what you have, nourish it, maybe it will grow once he’s educated on the subject..in the meantime don’t hold up your life. Keep trucking you deserve it 😀
  3. Trust me, after my diagnosis and probably the next year or so, I was on an awful roller coaster—it does get better. Hugs !!
  4. I’m not going to sit here and analyze this, and neither should you. If your heart feels you need to have further conversation with him, then do it. If not, move forward and if the situation presents itself again, just tell him. Really, don’t waste time worrying, enjoy life.
  5. It’s scary because of the stigma the pharmaceutical companies labeled it with. It may be uncomfortable but it’s not deadly. Trust me, I was in your shoes so scared to disclose, I let it define me, until I finally came to peace with it (had 1 and 2 approx 30 years)...those that know and stay are worth far more than those that leave...you Deserve the best and the right person will accept you for YOU.
  6. Ave you been tested for h1 and 2? Does your boyfriend know? If so, he’s taking the risks with you. You can have 1 break out in the vagina area as well as your mouth. I have both 1 and 2 for approx 30 years. Sorry, I saw your help title and wanted to make sure someone responded.
  7. Did you have sexual intercourse? No, then you didn’t do anything wrong. Be kind to yourself.
  8. Hi dis, First, I regretfully have to agree with everything your saying and feeling...it is pretty dam shitty...did he know he had it prior?? Is it possible he didn’t know? (Not giving him any benefit here)....are you sure he has it and not just you?? I know, tricky question BUT we can have H for centuries without knowing. I am one of “those” that had an initial outbreak that was diagnosed incorrectly, I then went 20 plus years until a breakout that brought me to a doctor, cultured, diagnosed. Do you know how many people I could of infected? I’ve had many many partners (not proudly), and several marriages later (ugh) kids? Special needs kids? Well, I have one also, at times I want to hide never mind someone else new...I have 3 children total...and thru my years, I never once had a problem dating...even with my package. I did not know of H then, but now...if you just wait until you’re closely bonded with someone before you disclose (prior to sex they advise).....I don’t see an issue...by then they are emotionally attached to you. Good luck...focus on your child, love WILL find you ❤️
  9. Not sure if it’s texhnixally behind my back or considered gossiping because she discusses things with her nurse, or another co worker. This, is not uncommon. I would hope it doesn’t go any further than that because we are protected by the HIPPA Law.
  10. Anyone else have an awkward moment they would like to share??? Now I can laugh at these moments So, I work for a healthcare facility, where everyone knows everyone...when I was diagnosed, the same got sent to our lab(I was not expecting an h diagnosis)....now it’s a permanent part of my chart... My primary care dr, find out, she has a lot to say about her patients behind their back (my niece interned for her)...but she’s good, so I go there. Today she did my pap,..I could only imagine the chatter after seeing I have an STD...it is not prevalent around here, and I don’t fit their typical stereotype. i leave the office with my head up, a giggle inside, this is me, deal with it, it’s your job 😉
  11. Hsv is tricky and sneaky. As stated above, just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have transmitted it. Before I officially knew my status and knocked my brain to see how long I had it, I also went unprotected in some of my longer time relationships and did not transmit.
  12. Thank you for sharing...I’ve had hsv1 and 2 for decades....it is what we make of it 😉
  13. You will have sex again, you will be fine,..I know...I was in your shoes once, totally freaking the f””k out,,,and several members here helped me back then. I’m hsv1 and 2 positive for decades.
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