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I'm having troubles...

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So, basically I realized the other day that some ingrown hairs around my pubic region were not just ingrown hairs. I started suspecting herpes once I noticed I had bumps/lesions in the back of my throat as well. I had also been having body aches and painful urination. I didn't put two and two together until a couple of days ago. I ended up heading to a local urgent care center the day I realized it might be herpes, and they swabbed the back of my throat. I'm supposed to get a call with the results of what they find, but I feel that I don't even need the results. I know for a fact it's herpes. I woke up yesterday with a cold sore on my bottom lip as well; I've never had a cold sore before. Ever. I've never had symptoms of herpes in general, or not that I have noticed at least. My boyfriend and I just recently went on vacation and, to be quite frank, we had a lot of sex throughout the duration of our vacation. I know that I'm not the only girl he's slept with, however he is the only man I've gone all the way with. He was the first man I had intercourse with, yet I did have oral sex with a different man once (both giving and receiving) before my current boyfriend and I had met. My boyfriend and I both started getting symptoms at the exact same time on vacation, but we didn't really put it together until after we got home. The last two days of vacation, he only had bumps and painful urination. I had about 3 bumps (which I had assumed were just blisters from too much sex or ingrown hairs), very slightly painful urination, and back aches. The day after we arrived home is when I put everything together and realized there was a possibility we had herpes. I still have not heard anything from the doctor, but he prescribed me Acyclovir to at least start me on a treatment. This is the second day I'm on these pills and my outbreak has gotten worse. The lesions/ulcers are still on the back of my throat, on my tongue, on the inside of my lips, and I also have that cold sore. It is extremely painful to urinate, and the bumps on my vulva have multiplied and gotten so much more painful. My boyfriend is feeling miserable as well (although he has not yet gotten to his primary care doctor to check up on this). His throat is hurting to the point where he went to the ER last night to see if maybe he had severe strep throat or something. (Not strep or mono...) He has cold sweats, horrible body aches, and a nasty headache. He didn't go into too much detail so I'm not sure if he still has the bumps on his genitals or if it's still hurting him to urinate or anything. I'm writing to ask about a few things. First of all, is it normal for this outbreak to get worse even though I've been taking my medications as directed? How do you explain the fact that we're having our first outbreaks at the exact same time? Is that even possible? (He's never had symptoms of herpes before either.) We're both adamant that we did not have herpes previously, but, then again, how could we possibly know that because neither of us were ever tested. But anyways, how do we, as a couple, get past this? We're having serious problems discussing this because he is clouded by anger and I am clouded by sadness. We're both feeling disgusted and upset and just generally angry with the situation. I have not been able to stop crying. Also, my boyfriend and I first had intercourse about two months ago. How come we are only showing symptoms now? I don't understand why we are having an outbreak after two months of being sexually active, and how we are experiencing this outbreak at the same time. We've only used condoms when I'm close to ovulation. But other than that, we've used the pull-out method... could've been more careful, I know. Please help me out and talk to me, as I could really use somebody else to talk to about this.

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Hi, first off I'm very sorry to know you're going through this. I know how painful and exhausting it is! I was diagnosed last Monday and test results confirmed diagnosis on Thursday. I was given Valtrex on Tuesday and took first dose around noon. My outbreak got worse and I still felt like I had the flu. It was horrible!! I had one sore on the inside of my mouth and a bunch on my vag. It burned really bad when I urinated. I took cool-warm baths up to 3x a day with baking soda (1/2 cup) or epsom salt (1/2 cup or more) and it really helped calm things for awhile after each. I soaked anywhere from 20 mins to 1 hour! After bath I dried off and put on coconut oil (warm small amt it in microwave for about 15-20 secs and hsve it in bathroom with you before you get in tub) or I put on cornstarch with aloe & vitamin e powder (sold with baby powders). Both were soothing. By Friday night my sores were pretty much gone and I felt A LOT better! I was amazed how quickly the meds worked considering symptoms were bad and got worse even a day-2 after starting meds. I have HSV1 genitally. Good news is that it's unlikely to acquire both viruses at the same time (according to my dr) and I've read that hsv1 often only causes an initial outbreak if contracted genitally because it's typically found in the mouth and known as oral herpes and likes to live/break out in that preferred area (mouth). So, IF you have hsv1 genitally keep that in mind.

If it's been more than 3 days since swab test you should call your dr. And you and bf should both be tested for hsv1 & hsv2 antibodies VI's blood test. My swab culture came back positive and blood test was negative. Dr said that's how to know this was a new infection because my body hasn't built up antibodies yet. Symptoms usually show between 2-12 days for initial outbreak with most common being 4 days after contracting virus. If you know you have only been with your current boyfriend I'd personally be a little suspicious of his loyalty to you. Not saying he hasn't been, only he knows that. But this is very odd to both be getting first outbreak like this. Good luck ❤️

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Damn! I'm so sorry you are experiencing such agony. I too, remember the first time I found out. The meds didn't help at all. I was messed up for 12 days!

However, to answer some of your questions It could be possible you caught it before orally (from the other guy you speak of) and passed it to your bf genitally (through oral sex), then he proceeded to pass it to you genitally. Honestly, you not going to be able to tell unless you both had been tested before hand as you can have an inital herpes outbreak and not have symptoms again.

It's just puzzling you both are experiencing an initial outbreak at the same time.

Someone obviously caught it first.

Right now, I would just worry about getting better, mentally and physically. Both of you need to support eachother through this right now that is, if you guys want to make it through this as a "couple".

Momentarily, the conversation should be discussed when both of you are physically healed, no knifes thrown but all honesty. Then maybe you can figure out where in the hell this came from.

My heart goes out to you!



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