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struggling with constant outbreaks

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My first OB was the end of June. Since then I basically have had constant outbreaks. When the OB's are bad, I will get raised sores that hurt a little on my outer labia. Usually I will get tingling too and all that other stuff so I know when its coming.


But even when the "bad" ones aren't happening and I don't feel any of the other symptoms, I always have tiny little white dots on the inside of my labia. They never seem to completely go away.


Everything seems to slowly get better as time goes on. But I am worried I will have to deal with this forever. Will I ever get a break?


Does anyone have any advice? Similar stories? Tricks?


I live a fairly healthy lifestyle. I don't know why this never goes away for me.



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So sorry to hear that.


If you're already taking the the full suppressive dose rather than the dose to reduce transmission, I wonder if it might help to try a different formulation. Some people have better luck with one antiviral over another. If that fails, it may be a matter of waiting it out. It's my understanding that the most viral activity typically occurs during the first several months, then typically there's a drop-off after a year, and then another drop-off after two years. I hope that's the case for you.


If the white dots are always there, it's doubtful those are related to HSV. Is it possible you have another infection? I've seen women post about getting secondary infections after a primary HSV outbreak and they had trouble distinguishing one issue from the other until they got the right treatment and cleared up the secondary infection.


Random thoughts: I've seen people post about being triggered by stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, eating nut products, shaving, rough sex. If any of those might be possible triggers for you, maybe you can keep a journal to get a sense of whether modifying any of those things could help (such as avoiding nut products, trimming instead of shaving, using more lube for sex, practicing meditation for stress, etc.)

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