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New Diagnosis New Outlook

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Hello :) I wanted to share my story somewhere, as I have yet to confide in anyone or discuss with anyone the diagnosis, except the doc and my partner. I am almost 33 and three weeks ago I was diagnosed with HSV2. I am a single mother to three great kids and after having no issues in terms of STIs, I knew something wasn't right after having sex with my boyfriend of seven months. We have had plenty of encounters the past five or so months, but this time felt different. I IMMEDIATELY became very swollen and itchy. I just assumed that since we had not been together in that way in a while that it was just my body reacting to a rough encounter and didn't think to much of it. Two days later, symptoms intensified and I had what I thought was just a raw friction spot. But somehow I knew this was something that needed addressed. I tried and tried to get an appointment with my obgyn but that proved nearly impossible since I'm not currently pregnant. They directed me to my nearest urgent care. They ran a panel of STI tests and told me HSV was probably the culprit. The following week, one week to the day after the encounter, I had full blown sores and was in extreme pain, physically and emotionally. The clinic told me it was likely I was very recently infected but that it was possible my partner didn't know. He claimed to have a sore that he thought was poison ivy right after the encounter, leading me to believe it wasn't poison ivy at all. My suspicions were confirmed when the office called to let me know I had a terrible yeast infection and that my HSV2 test was positive. I really didn't know how I felt at that point. Mostly just terribly alone as I waddled around in the loosest clothes I owned. As I had done an immense amount of research, I knew HSV2 would be part of my life now and that it was absolutely not a death sentence. I was placed on a hefty dose of Valtrex for ten days and the sores began to heal. In the throws of my first outbreak I felt as though I would always have this excruciating pain and was sure I would always be in he midst of an outbreak. The first one is so hard because symptoms vary so greatly an you really never know how your outbreaks will manifest. But I'm almost 100 percent healed and so thankful that my body began fighting this for me since I had already put it through hell. I still have lingering nerve pain and am very careful to keep everything clean and dry. I was very honest and open with my partner and did not place blame on the who or what or why. He was very receptive and said we would work around whatever we needed to and that he would get tested too. For that, I am very grateful. I don't feel that he knew this was an issue for him and don't think for a second he would intentionally infect me.

I wanted to write this to get some of it off my chest and also to give hope to those that are in the middle of a first outbreak. Yes it seems devastating and hopeless but you WILL get through it and you are still the amazing person you were before this diagnosis was given to you. As the days progress, I find myself thinking less and less about what will happen with my outbreaks and more able to live life as I previously have. In going forward, I don't know what the future will hold for me in dating or sexually, if my current relationship were to end. But I do know that HSV2 does not end any of that part of life for me, but being honest with any future partner is very important to me and I deem it imperative.

I know I am a rookie in this department but if anyone here is newly diagnosed and needs someone to vent to (or wants to let me vent to them lol!), please message me and I will do anything I can to help!!

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Welcome, @LeaningIntoLife3! It’s great to hear that your boyfriend is supportive and that you are nearly healed. It’s much easier to forget about herpes when you’re not having an outbreak! Since nearly 90% of those with HSV2 have no idea they have it, it makes transmission that much easier. Your attitude is spot on.....none of us know what the future holds, but life goes on, we continue to be awesome (LOL), and our sex lives are far from over!

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It was inspiring to read that your boyfriend was so understanding about the condition.


I'm currently going through my first outbreak and am literally shocked at how painful it is. Not just the lesion/blister pain but the flu symptoms made me literally feel like I was going to die.


Thank you for your post!

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