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Tips for getting back out there dating w/ HSV-2?

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Hey there, I got diagnosed 2 years ago and ended up in a relationship with someone who was very kind about it, but it definitely messed with our love life given his hatred of condoms. Now I'm out of the relationship and really nervous about getting out there again. Any tips or advice or inspiration? Much appreciated.

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I've only known I have HSV2 for about 3 months now. I've started doing online dating. One site, I put up a pretty vacation pic, no photos of myself. And I disclosed my positive status. I've had some guys message me saying they have it to. So far, its working. You could also go to a dating site for people with STDs. I've also told 2 guys that don't have it, and they took it well. Just have to let them get to know you first. I hope this helps!

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