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Flu-like symptoms

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Dec 12 is when I was diagnosed. I had flu-like symptoms but quickly after starting the antiviral all symptoms subsided and I felt rather well. I was only given 10 days of antivirals. I am picking up more tomorrownto start suppressive therapy.

I've been having prodome feelings, and now I have flu like symptoms again.

I wasn't expecting to get he flu like symptoms after the initial OB, but I know it is still early in my diagnosis.


Has anyone else experienced the flu-like symptoms more than just the initial OB? The migraine, fever, and fatigue is miserable.


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I, too, have been recently diagnosed. My first OB started with the flu-like symptoms and swollen lymph nodes in my groin, and shortly after the blisters formed. They were extremely painful during urination and sort of uncomfortable during day to day activity. I took the 10 days of antivirals and the blisters cleared up just a few days after I started. I finished out my ten days but toward the end of my meds I started getting prodrome symptoms again. Now I’ve been dealing with off and on flu-like symptoms for over a week after finishing my meds, and my lymph nodes in my under arms have been swollen and tender for about a week now. I’ve been feeling boughts of the nerve pains/tingling all throughout my body, not just specific to my lower region. I’ve also been dealing with nerve and muscular issues since the beginning of this year which my doctors have attributed to spinal problems/muscular tension so I’m not sure if the herpes being present in my system is just causing that all the flare up and is sending my body out of whack. But I’m starting to get a little concerned, particularly because my under arm nodes are swollen. Did your doctor advise you to start suppressive therapy right away? My doc wasn’t much help to be honest, I’ve been trying to educate myself as much as possible because I feel like they didn’t give me much guidance. I asked if they thought I should start suppressive therapy and they said to wait to see if it will be a further issue, essentially. But I’m wondering if getting back on the antivirals consistently will help fight off the prodomal symptoms. I just didn’t want to get on meds unnecessarily. I’ve been dealing with anxiety over the whole thing wondering if I have another underlying issue since the flu-like symptoms have been so persistent... so it’s a little refreshing to hear that someone else is experiencing something similar. Although, I’m sorry to hear that you are, but I totally feel for you right now. I started having issues around November 30th and it still has not completely passed. I’m starting to question how educated doctors actually are on this issue, though. If you don’t mind me asking, were you diagnosed with HSV-1 or 2? I have G HSV-1 so I’m wondering if the prodromal symptoms tend to be worse with one or the other.


Forgot to mention, the fatigue and overall muscle weakness is horrible too. I’ve been miserable sitting at work all day and it’s affected my mood greatly. I’m sure my anxiety is not helping but I’ve been trying to quell that as much as possible.

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Seems like we are dealing with this the same & having the same symptoms.

I had to go to planned parenthood because I have no health insurance or primary doctor at the moment.

I haven't had much help either! Everything that I've learned has been from this website, Ella Dawson's video & website, or another support group allied Honeycomb. Based on other people's posts I decided myself to start suppression therapy. I plan on doing it for at least the first year. As my body adjusts and I learn to notice symptoms related to Hsv I may get off of suppressive therapy and just treat outbreaks. Hoping I don't have many in future though.

I hope that you start feeling better! I will say that I diffused some essential oils, took L-lysine, and vitamin C and I started to feel better

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Sounds like it! I have been having good and bad days.. today just so happens to be one of the bad ones. I’ve been trying to not obsess over it so I’ve just been occasionally logging into the forums and reading some posts/articles on it. I’ve been taking l-lysine for about a week now and I’m not really sure if it’s helping. I just recently started taking additional vitamin c as well, on top of what my multivitamins supply. I’m starting to think I may try the suppressive therapy as well. This all happened right when I started seeing a new guy and somehow he took the news completely okay and has been very supportive through the whole thing. We’re together now and he still has yet to get tested but it literally does not seem to phase him one bit. (I’m starting to question if he’s actually real or just a figment of my imagination, lol) But at the off chance he turns out negative I’m sure the suppressive therapy is a good idea to try for at least a few months until my body gets back to normal. I’m sort of thankful that I’ve just been dealing with the weird aches and nerve issues along with flu-like symptoms and i haven’t (knock on wood) developed another full-blown outbreak yet. But I’m starting to wonder if us having symptoms after the first OB with no signs of lesions is us having a second OB. I just thought that an outbreak would also include the lesions/blisters, but maybe this isn’t the case? You’re not dealing with any blisters currently, are you?

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I'm not having any blisters either! I've read that some people never have another outbreak and if they do sometimes it's so small that they don't even notice. Hoping that's the case for us! I thought my initial OB was terrible but only for about 2 days and I seemed to bounce back pretty quick.

It's definitely an emotional roller coaster. I'm glad he took it well & that he is still around! I think my biggest fear is the future of dating and disclosing. I feel confident that regardless everything will turn out okay.

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So weird. I hope so too! Same here with my initial OB — cleared up relatively quickly after starting the antivirals. And thank you! Me too. Honestly even if this doesn’t last (but I sure hope it does) his reaction has given me a lot of hope for the future and possibly having to disclose to other people. It made me realize a little more how this whole thing is blown up to be a bigger deal than it should. In the end it’s just like any other virus that people deal with. I just want these lingering symptoms to go away.

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I agree! It has opened my eyes for sure. Hopefully more people will educate themselves and become more understanding!

I was one of those that had a nasty view of it before. Having HSV now has required me to educate myself.

Hopefully when the newness wears off the symptoms will subside as well!

Feel free to message me anytime!! Best wishes to you!

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I got flu like symptoms, headaches, red eyes and nerve pain every time I had an ob for 7 months after my diagnosis. It is totally normal. Also, I had prondrome symptoms like crazy. After couple of months, you can identify your triggers ( my triggers are sleep deprivation and getting angry or sad) and act accordingly. Sleep well, eat healthy and exercise. The symptoms will go away.

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