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Acyclovir 800mg twice a day for suppressive therapy..

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I've tried valacyclovir and tried acyclovir before but both times I was having an outbreak. In between both outbreaks however, I was taking valacyclovir 500mg daily as suppressive therapy. It didn't work. I tend to get tachycardia on acyclovir and bad anxiety so I'm just not sure that 800mg daily is a good idea but my doctor is convinced that the dose needs to be stronger for me because of my autoimune disorders; 800mg in the morning and 800mg at night unless I have a couple drinks that night. Does this seem to be way too much medication to anybody else? I am so terrified of the side effects and was on the all natural stuff like lysine, prunella vulgaris extract tincture topically with tea tree oil and that seemed to calm things down. My outbreaks have been many but less severe each time and this last one was quite mild for my third outbreak ever. I'm afraid that this medication will give me more issues than I thought and he even said for me not to waste my money on vitamins that have no proof of them working and not to restrict my diet too much so that I can still have meat and dairy.. just stuff that doesn't come in cans and to try and get everything fresh. What is your take? I sincerely need advice about this. I appreciate any response. 800mg in the morning and 800mg at night...... 1.6g of meds sketches me right out but I'm so tired of having constant outbreaks and barely being able to think about literally anything else. It's really messed up my quality of life.. and the doctor seemed nice enough. He is an infectious disease doctor and just wanted to save me some money because acyclovir is covered. I'm on iron from low iron and probiotics but I don't know what to do with all of my lysine.. I don't want long term side effects that ruin what organs I've got left. :( the outbreaks fuck up my quality of life but so does the medication. It's hard to tell which is worse.. and if I go down to 400mg twice a day and get an outbreak what will really break is my heart. :( please help..

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I don't know anything about autoimmune disorders, or in fact much about medicine.

However, I am on 1000mg valacyclovir in the morning for suppression. It causes my blood pressure to increase, and I am somewhat concerned about it. My way of striking a balance is to take the meds the way my doctor prescribed, and adjust my habits to minimize side-effects. For example, I always have a meal before taking my dose. It slows intake and reduces blood pressure spikes. I also shoot for 10 min of intense cardio 3 times a week. Lastly, I make sure I get sleep, plenty of water, and a balanced diet.

My side effects aren't completely gone, but I am no longer showing vitals in a dangerous range for my age.

You might well have a million other factors to consider, but doing those things might help ease your circumstances. You are right that it is a balance of quality of life. Just try to consider your future self's quality of life, too.

I personally consider the prospect of seeing retirement as a goal. I hope that I will be able to see it from the vantage point of my own two feet, and in a house I get to own as well. Where herpes, illness, injury and pain are inconveniences, but not limitations. That would be a big accomplishment, but I don't expect fate would be so convenient. I will have to work to get myself the chance of doing it.


Not to minimize your concerns, you certainly should be asking questions like these.

But ask them in the effort to prolong your opportunity for contentment.

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Well I took both doses post outbreak and the area looks as clear now as it did before I ever got diagnosed.. so now I'm scared to not take this much antiviral.. because while it's a relief to have the area clear and maybe God forbid even shave now, I am still terrified of the side effects. Is anybody else on 1.6g of medication for this? If I drop down to 1g per day what will happen to me? I didn't ever want to be on pharmaceuticals for months but the all natural shit just doesn't entirely work for me. There's always one damn lesion constantly and no real proof any of these meds work. For all I know this med isn't working. The valacyclovir sure as hell didn't. I just wanted relief but not at the cost of my life or sanity.. not that the thought of leaving it to fate isn't absolutely driving me insane either!!!! He also said valacyclovir and acyclovir are literally the same thing and the pharmaceutical companies lie to make us spend money on meds that aren't covered. He also went on to say there's been no such proof of anybody becoming acyclovir resistant. I don't know what to think.

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Wow okay. So I tried to adjust my dose because they're rotting my stomach and hurting my spine for some reason and I got hardcore sleep paralysis all damn morning!! I just can't take this shit anymore! I need something strong enough until my body gets used to the virus but I just had to pay over a grand to save my cats life Wednesday night from a urinary blockage!! I feel like being vegan made a huge difference but I ran out of money and had to go back to dairy because it's all we had. I'm losing my fucking mind here. I am so tired of this shit controlling my life. The acyclovir is also triggering my endometriosis BAD. I don't know what the hell to do anymore. I don't even have the luxury or time to sit here worrying about this stupid virus when I'm nursing my poor sick kitty back to health and yet it's still in the back of my mind festering like a moldy scab. Somebody who thinks they can help please do instead of basically complaining that I'm asking questions!!!!!

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