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Just a theory

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Please give me feedback - so I had my first OB of herpes starting 12/29. I know that it is said you won't know for sure who gave you herpes. I however feel pretty confident in knowing my source.

So I was diagnosed by visual examination 1/3/18. Yes no doubt!! All of my lady parts were covered in sores!!

I did a full 10 part std Panel on 2/5/18. I was good on everything but GHSV-2. My igg was 2.34. I had this test 6 weeks from my last sexual encounter. I had sex with this person just days before my primary OB so I feel like he is the person that gave me HSV.

So if I have my igg test repeated at 12 weeks and my igg has doubled, the person I suspeuad mybgiver it in fact so?

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@PresentMoment For those people who experience a noticeable primary outbreak, it usually occurs within two weeks of infection. Because you do not have HSV1, it makes sense your body would've reacted more strongly when infected with HSV2. Your theory makes sense to me if you had sex with someone (and just that one person) within the two week time period before you experienced an extensive outbreak. Antibodies take time to build, but I believe it's possible to reach 2.34 six weeks in. Some people with longer established infections test in that range, and many people still test negative six weeks out, but the combination of a low positive, symptoms consistent with a primary outbreak and having had sex within two weeks of outbreak do seem most likely to point to a recent infection. Sure, you could test again to see if the antibody values have increased. Once the values get into the positive range, they can fluctuate within that range, so it isn't a case of values continuing to grow forever, but if the text was taken six weeks out, it makes sense you'd likely still be building antibodies. In general, those who test under 3.5 are encouraged to do confirmatory testing due to a greater chance of false positives.


@Freya Not sure what you mean by "super high" but you are correct that you would NOT test positive by IgG a few days after infection. It would take at least a few weeks and up to three months to test positive (95% of infections are recognized by IgG after 12 weeks). If by super high you mean 5 or greater, I've seen that question asked by an expert in the field. Someone asked her if a value of 5 could reflect an infection that was acquired 3 weeks earlier and she said no, three weeks was too soon to test at that level. So I have to assume the same is true for a few days.

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@freya 80-90% of people with HSV2 don't know they have it, and it's very common in the population. So while your positive test did not reflect a 4 day old infection, it's possible you both had it when you met, or that he had it and gave it to you months ago, or that you had it and have given it to him since you started dating, or that you have it and he still does not have it. An oral infection is possible though uncommon. Asymptomatic HSV2 infections are generally assumed to be genital, though they are not always genital.

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Thank you Optimist- I am going to do my testing again at 12 weeks. I no longer feel angry but there is only one opportunity to do the 12 week test and don't want to regret not doing it later. I am also curious as to how effective my body is in creating antibodies. In December I only had sex with this one person, on the 9th and 23rd. I started having my primary outbreak on the 29th. Ugh!! I never have yeast or UTIs, never any issues, no shaving, so no problems I might have missed. I did have a major surgery on my lady parts (I checked dates) it will be 5 years this April. Surely If I had HSV then I would have had an outbreak.

I also would like to do a follow up on the Hep C test. The recommendation is 8-12 weeks. I tested negative at 6 but just want to be sure before I date again. I want to be as responsible as I can for my next partner.

Unbelievable how a skin condition can turn your life upside down, but it sure has!! I want a do-over, I say for 2018. But actually need to turn the clock back to 12/22!! Thank you, your a gem!! So supportive!!


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