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Disclosing, casual sex, and one night stands... college

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I'm in college and I have one night stands occasionally. Like I'll go to parties and meet someone for the first time and then we'll have sex and never talk again. But I was recently diagnosed with genital HSV1 and I don't know what to do moving forward. I don't want to stop having sex with people but I'm also really scared of being rejected.


There's one guy who I'm friends with and we hook up sometimes. I told him while I was having my first outbreak and he said he didn't think he would have sex with me in the future but he wasn't sure. I'm not into him but the fact that someone who has known me for a long time, is attracted to me, and cares about me is rejecting me because of this makes me feel like my chances with anyone else are extremely low.


I'm taking daily antivirals for suppression and I know to use condoms and I've done my research, but of course the chances of transmission are still there. Almost everything I've seen about disclosure has been about people in relationships or possibly getting into relationships in the near future. I've seen a few things about casual sex, but they're always about people who have known each other for a little bit of time before doing the deed.


If anyone has any experiences with disclosing to potential one-night stands or anything similar I'd love to hear. And please no judgement, the times have changed lol. Thanks.

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You should definitely seek out advice from @HippyHerpy

I'm not sure how active he is on the site, but he is a huge advocate of casual sex and isn't shy about encouraging others to feel free to disclose and hookup.


Personally, I don't have experiene the casual disclosure. But, I can assure you that there are people who won't really be concerned with HSV. The virus is super common, but even to those who are not HSV+, risk can be explained pretty easily. In the process of explaining the risk, you will also have the opportunity to show that you take every precaution to protect others. Starting with disclosure, and following up with taking medication and using protection correctly.


I hope you can gather up your courage and continue to live the way you want, do the things you want to. I am certain that you will discover that herpes really can't stop you from doing anything. It's just a couple extra things to remember to do, not an end to anything at all.

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