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Sex Once, He says he is having a BO

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So.... I FINALLY have sex, since June 2017!, with another HSV2 positive man who said he is positive, but never has had a BO, in over 10 years. This was like my trial run to see if I could have any kind of friction yet to not activate me. I'm 4.5 months in and been feeling good for about 2-3 weeks on supressants.


Shy two days later he said he has a sore he thinks. We did not use protection as he is clean besides HsV2 as am I (I have HPV but he does not care as most don't). We both have not had sex for almost a year.


I don't feel at all like I'm that contagious and it seems odd that of all the years he has been doing it with HsV positives and negatives he has never had a breakout until maybe "me". Could be his life right now as it's pretty stressful, but still...



First time and this.... really puts a damper things if I can make an asymptomatic veteran break out.... when I feel normal.

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OK - I over thought this yesterday. Of course I'm not responsible.... duh! Herpes is an opportunistic fuck (my definition;) and well, guess the combo of factors in his life added up to a first BO if he is telling the truth.


I feel better as it was like damn, I kinda was looking forward to this weeks play time lol

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Just got the news and no one can explain why I tested negative for so long then positive after no sex for a long time. Then I got cervical cancer on top of a PSC diagnosis. So my H just loved th stress and I BO for over 4 months.

Met a guy who is also H positive and the one time we have sex... my test run to see if I can have friction without issue...., he says he is having his first ever BO in over 10 years. WTF? Here I'm ready for more! loll


But so it goes. He is being so very casual about it - so, bonus. And yes, we will meet up again when he is more ready or we just do a fun dinner and cuddle night. One thing about H., it stops the fuckfest right quick and other activities come into play....no pun intended.

Thanks for asking and the support @LoveTheMoutains!



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