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I’m on valtrex but had an outbreak after ruff sex ... is my partner ok

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I don’t have outbreaks in general I take surpressive therpy . Me and my GF ( who is not infected ) had ruff sex last night and I woke

Up this morning with a little red bump on my penis . Not 1000 percent sure if it’s an outbreak but I’m assuming because it looks similar but not open an not really a blister . If it was caused by the ruff sex do you think she is ok ?

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I don't see why rough sex would matter for her. The fact you broke out, I'd think, is most likely due to the friction and it and being on suppressive I'd say chances are she is going to be fine. Condoms matter and her health matters of course.


I had sex with an H positive asymptomatic person who had never had a breakout. Been positive for over 10 years. We had gentle sex, as I was not sure I could yet handle the friction, and HE broke out for his very first time. Combo of stress I'm sure was additive for him, but it was kinda odd. I tell you this as the same thing happened to another male who though not on suppressive still had his first ever BO with gentler sex - as we were worried about me.


If you continue to worry or wonder, have her get tested in 6-8 weeks max.

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Thank u so much . It was unprotected sex I guess I’m more worried about if the friction did cause the breakout which I’m pretty sure that’s what happened could the breakout have occurred during the sex which would make it more likely that i passed it on . I take 1000mg of valtrex daily

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I take the same on Valtrex. I don't know if maybe you were more contagious at that moment or not. However, if she is fine in 2-14 days. Most likely she is fine. I'd still get tested in 6-8 weeks just for Peace of Mind.


I'd be curious how long you've had unprotected sex and how often and what you base doing so on. Informational only - as I feel great now... finally!... and wonder if I could do the same if a person was in agreement.



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We just started but I have had unprotected sex in the past i just take my meds everyday and have never had a problem... again haven’t had a breakout in a long time so this just kinda freaked me out especially to c it the next morning

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