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Tested last week, should get results tomorrow...

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But by the doctors reaction and everything I’ve read about how an OB looks and feels, I’m pretty sure it is going to be positive. I have spent the past few days crying constantly, barely getting through the two shifts I had to work. I already suffer from depression, and the first thought I had when the doctor said herpes was that I wanted to die. That feeling went away quickly because I have a three year old who I could never leave. Thinking about him sent another wave of panick. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of oral herpes, only genital, but could I have it orally and just not have had an outbreak? I am terrified I will spread this to my son somehow. I spray the toilet seat with bleach when I use it, even though he has his own little toilet seat. I don’t want him touching the soap dispenser because I use the same one. Another feeling is that I’ll now be alone forever. I was already a single mother, and now if I find someone to accept my child I have to tell them I have herpes. I just feel like my life is over.


I know this could sit dormant in my body for years, but do most people have an outbreak a few days after first exposure? I have been sleeping with the same man for a year, although I’m not sure I am the only person he is sleeping with. We were together on a Thursday and I started having what I niavely thought was mosquito bites (I live in Louisiana) down there on Sunday, and burning with urination. I researched online and finally went to the gyno this past Thursday and she confirmed what I had feared. “This definitely looks suspicious for herpes, I’m going to take a culture.” Then never really mentioned it could possibly be anything else. She prescribed acyclovir and it seems to be helping with the symptoms. I could actually walk today without wanting to cry from the pain. If the culture comes back positive, could I get a blood test to confirm a possible timeline of contracting? From what I’ve read, your body doesn’t develope antibodies for 3 months after exposure.


I guess the main reason I am here is for reassurance that my life will go on regardless of herpes. Right now I am feeling completely broken, still dealing with the first outbreak symptoms. I don’t feel like myself at all. I feel disgusting and dirty. I don’t want to do anything except lay on the couch and cry. Luckily I have my son on the weekends and he has been a distraction, but it still constantly lingers in the back of my mind.

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I’m so sorry! I hope your results come back negative! If not, yes, you can narrow down the timeline by getting a blood test now. If it’s negative, it’s from a recent exposure. However, even if it’s from your current partner, it could be possible that he doesn’t get symptoms or gets mild symptoms and doesn’t know he has it. I know how you feel about spraying down the toilet seat, I’m the same way- I also wouldn’t share any used towels. It will be ok! You’re not going to spread this to him. As for hsv related depression, I know everyone is different, but I only really get depressed over it when I’m having an outbreak. Hopefully once you start feeling better physically and get over the initial shock, you will feel better emotionally. And yes, focusing on your beloved son can be a way to keep this in perspective. It’s just a skin condition, there are so many worse things a person can have. You’re in good company- millions of people have this! I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but you will be okay.

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