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Genital numbness with constipation

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I'm fairly new to this site and this is my first post. I was diagnosed with genital herpes back in December and for the past twenty weeks I have been experiencing constant genital numbness and some constipation. Symptoms are not getting better unfortunately. This is driving me crazy to say the least. It's even more frustrating that all the doctors I've seen can't tell me anything, I can't find legitimate sources of information on it, nor can I establish communication with anyone who has been through this.


I'd like to talk to someone who has been through this. It's bad enough dealing with the diagnosis itself, but then I get the weird symptoms too! Absolutely a horrendous experience. I know that posting this for everyone to see can be a double edged sword but I'm willing to do it to see if maybe one person has been through this and can share their story with me.


Thanks and I'm thankful for forums like these where we can all share stories and give support. Boy I never thought herpes could be such a nightmare for some of us. If only we could turn back time!


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I'm sorry I cant seem to navigate this blog, but earlier you commented on my Test Results, can you tell me based on my results does it appear I have HSP 1 and 2? Thanks again for your comment and I will retest in 12 weeks

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Hi,@New2GH! Sorry to hear. All I can say is I’ve also had constant symptoms since mid February, but I think they are finally coming to an end. Everyone’s immune system is different, and will handle H accordingly. To all those who have mild symptoms- I wish I could be so lucky! I also am curious though, are you on antivirals and are you taking anti-H supplements? If not, these may help with the numbness. However, if you are taking any of those, I’d ask if those could be possible causes of the constipation. I took a few different lysines and thought one of them was causing constipation (it also had a few other ingredients.) Also of course I’d ask if you have changed your diet. Daily magnesium should help get rid of the constipation, you can try different amounts over a few days to see how much you need. A daily probiotic could help as well.


@Tayg, I also read your question. Not sure about hsv2, as the numbers looked low, maybe a false positive at that level? But I’d talk to your doctor about it. Since the hsv1 numbers were high, and it actually said “high” that’s a that’s pretty clear indication that you have hsv1, probably oral with no symptoms, since you’ve had no noticeable symptoms so far, but again, I’d ask your doctor for more information.

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Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I'm glad to hear your symptoms look like they are coming to an end. As for me, no I'm not on antivirals, all my doctor did was prescribe acyclovir for seven days and that's all. I was taking some herbal antivirals in the beginning but stopped after a couple of months cause I didn't notice any difference at all. However, I'm not sure if my symptom are really related to herpes or not on the count that I tested positive for type one through IGG test and I haven't had an actual visible outbreak to swab to concluded the infection is genital. I even talked to Terri Warren and she doesn't think it's the herpes causing my issues either. I'm seeing a neurologist tomorrow and see if it could be a different cause, maybe it's a disc issue. A disc issue could definitely be causing the numbness and the constipation. I'll see what they tell me. I've seen only a few others report the same symptoms on this forum but they are older posts and those folks aren't active on here any longer :-( . And yes you are right how lucky are those that are asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic. Oh well, Herpes has it out for some of us :-) I guess that makes us special, be well!



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