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Herpes symptoms? long term UTI, anus irritation, gas and more bowel movements

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I was misdiagnosed as UTI in Jan after an unprotected sex. I had a lot of internal symptoms after that, chill, weird feeling at buttock, fatigue etc. I checked again in March. Doctor found a finger nail size scratch next to my labia. The PCR came back for HSV2 positive. Blood test showed both positive for HSV1 and HSV2. I started taking Valtrex in March, the internal symptoms like shooting pain and tingling on leg and buttock was on and off. I was on Valtrex for almost 30 days and wean it off a week ago.


I still had some urge to urine symptoms. I had a small polyp in my anus during the first outbreak and it's still there after almost two months. The doctor keep saying it's hemorrhoid. I really don't think so. My anus still feel irritate. I had a lot gas in my stomach during the day and have more bowel movements than before. I am afraid the virus infected my anus. I had hemorrhoid before, it's not like that feeling and it won't change my bowel habit.


Did anyone had similar symptoms like me? Please help me out.


Thanks in advance!

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  • 3 years later...

Hi! @Mr.IA!!

I hope you are doing okay. I am so sorry that you've been struggling. 

Herpes definitely can cause internal distress, especially if the virus entered the internal parts (the parts we don't see) such as the rectum, vaginal cavity, and urethra. 

Herpes can cause anal fissures, and in this one case I read here https://www.hindawi.com/journals/cripe/2017/3547230/, herpes mimicked Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a 17 year old male. 

In regards to possible anal-related issues, there is a condition called Herpes Proctitis, which is basically when HSV affects the anal cavity. It can cause a variety of symptoms, including fever, tenesmus (the feeling like you need to pass stools but you don't actually need to), constipation, rectal bleeding, discharge, and anorectal pain. During the acute phase, difficulty with urination, sacral paresthesias, and temporary fecal incontinence may occur.  The most severe cases can occur in the perianal area of the body (the soft patch of skin between the anus and the genitals) which is very harmful to that delicate skin. Interestingly enough, the ulcerations in the perianal area are often confused with a Candidal infection. In people who do not have an autoimmune disease, the condition rarely affects past 15 cm into the anal cavity. 

The information above is from this article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4442722/. Just scroll down to where it says "Herpes Simplex Virus" and read from there. 

My first outbreak of GHSV-1 consisted of many sores, and internal ones inside the vaginal cavity as well. I noticed after my outbreak that it was difficult for me to hold in urine; it almost felt like an aching in my bladder if I had to hold in a lot of urine. When I would go, my bladder felt like it was being pinched. Even now, almost three years after my first outbreak, I still find it painful to hold in urine. When I need to go, I really need to go! Holding it in hurts so bad 😞 

I don't know if I had sores in my urethra, (I don't think I did, but I don't know for sure!) and I am not sure if my potty issue has anything to do with my herpes, but part of my really thinks it does. All of the scarring and scabbing from the herpes may have just caused me some issues in there, and I just don't understand why else I would have these symptoms, as they started after my first outbreak. 

I hope this information helps! If you feel there is something going on, having the doctor do an internal exam with a endoscope or speculum to see if there are any sores or other possible things going on. 

Also, @jianq360, I hope that you have gotten better since you posted 3 years ago! 

Blessings to you both! ❤️ 

-- Grace



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the weird feeling in the colon , can you describe it? If it itches (esp after elimination) then yea... that is herpes at work there...  when it's in the prodrome phase it'll do that as well as that fatigue you're getting... 


  The good news is... it comes and then it goes just as fast and you will feel good again..  Just let it run it's course and be patient with the process..  when those symptoms get strong, remind yourself, it's nothing serious...

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thought I'd share this one from someone who has hsv2 , read it on another board today -


I cry; I cry deeply seemingly for no real reason. Whenever I cry like that I know a genital herpes outbreak is about to happen. Something from within would like to convince me to end it... but I have come to notice the internal signal and call it what it is; a herpes outbreak, but I think people could possibly be susceptible to suicide during this part of it. It is a weird mental and physical state just prior to the blister, and if one is not aware it could be detrimental. It is exhausting overcoming this aspect.

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@gadamsgrega Hi!!

Oh my gosh. That is such a moving and valuable piece! The body releases physical stress and change in so many ways, including through emotional response or by crying. It's interesting, in infants, infants cry for various reasons, many of which we don't know. The body is so smart, and the pathways to signal physical change or new stress on the body can include crying for sure!! 

Thank you for sharing this and projecting this person's voice to people on this forum who may be experiencing the same thing.  I'm also sure that the person who wrote that would be so happy to know you found their words so powerful and relatable, and that their words show this prodromal symptom is real for many people. 



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