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Hsv2 false positive likelyhood?

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I recently had an std test done and asked specifically for a herpes test. I had cold sores when i was a kid so he said he felt no need to test for hsv1 but would test for hsv2. My ex, I had been with for 12 years and had vaginal and oral unportected sex with often, had an std test done with swabs and blood and she tested positive for hsv1 negative across the board for hsv2. But when i went to leave he said he felt confident I didnt have hsv2 based on what I'd told him but to let me know i may get a positive result but it would be a false positive if it came back but it wasnt very common to get false positives but he didnt want me to worry. Well I left feeling alright but after googling the multiple people with false positives I'm freaking myself out..... does me having hsv1 cold sores since I was about 5 years old make it more or less likely to give a false hsv2 positive? Is it something that is extremely common to get the false positive? What numbers should I look for to see if it's likely a false positive or not if it does come back positive?

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I dont think I have it but I worry my test will come back with a false positive. Does me having cold sores greatly increase the risk of that? How common is it for people to be hsv1 positive and hsv2 negative. I guess the amount of threads I see on the internet where it seems everyone that has hsv1 also tests positive for hsv2 had me worried.

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So I was very nervous about having hsv2 tests come back positive after reading so much about hsv1 causing the hsv2 tests to show a false positive. I figured I would follow back up with so many posts about hsv1 crossover. But my dr called with my results and I was negative for hsv2. Thanks God. I'd been stressing about this to much and the internet is the best place to find stuff to make you worry more.

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I was very nervous about it. Especially after reading so many people saying they never even knew they had hsv2 because the hsv1 make the 2 asymptomatic. I still have had cold sores though..... the stigma might not be as bad but I still hate that now I have to date and worry about giving it to my partner.... dental dams just sound terrible like no woman would be happy with that and my dr wont give me antiviral meds..... but even if he did I'd still be worried about giving this to someone.... I've told my new girlfriend about the cold sores and she said everyone gets them but shes never had one so now I'm very scared I could them to her even when no symptoms are showing.....

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