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Most cliche story, figured I'd share.

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So been thinking about sharing my story for awhile, I just didn't know how to process it I guess. Well I am 23 female, just graduated from college as a pre medical student. Pretty put together and focused. Never slept around in college or in general even though my friends have 20+ partners. Been to Vegas like normal 21+ girls are. Met a guy who lived there. Went on a few dates every time I would go for vacation. Moving on to 2 years later, we started getting really close and talking all the time so I figured why not try long distance dating. Went down to visit him one weekend, had sex unprotected (until the last day when he used a condom...), then we just weren't working out so we broke up before I left to go home. Then comes the fever and horrific outbreak. Got test and what do you know. What happen in vegas really doesn't stay in vegas. (Ha ha). I am the walking cliche. I told him about it and he wasn't very surprised but said he had no idea. Made me think back to the last day of my trip and he "used a condom because of friction". I think he knew and tried to time it. Guess ill never know but now I have this gift that keeps on giving. Now he has a new gf and I hope he is more careful with her... After initial outbreak thought my outbreaks would happen less, but surprise Ive had outbreaks constantly for 6 months. Finally switched doctors because my original doctor didn't call me back with results until 3 weeks after my visit (was in pain and in the dark for 3 weeks yes). Luckily I told my mom (SURPRISE she has it too) and she helped me with medicine until my official diagnosis. I am pre med so I know what herpes outbreak is don't worry. So Im still going through the mental issues with this stigma and feeling like I'm going to be alone forever even though I know that isn't the case. But FINALLY saw a new doctor who was more considerate of my feelings and pain lol and she upped my dose to 1000 mg valtrex. I have been officially outbreak free for a week and a half which is BIG. anyways I just wanted to share because I believe this as a sign as it will get better. It is more common than we think and I know I did nothing wrong to deserve the shame. If anyone wants to talk, let me know. We are all in this together.


Also since I enjoy looking up medical papers, I found one saying they are starting human clinical trials for gene editing for hsv within the next two years! They are currently in animal phases but its looking promising. Medicine is crazy people and I believe there will a cure for us soon. I like this hang onto this hope to get me through hard days.

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Sorry to hear you had to join the club, but welcome.

We're all here for support if you need it.


If I could offer some preemptive advice:

While your writing makes you seem like you have things in a decent perspective, be sure to gather up self-appreciation where you can find it. Your image of yourself and your ability to like yourself are things most effected by HSV. The negative thoughts and feelings won't be around forever and practicing appreiating yourself speeds up recovering from the temporary lack of comfort. Bonus, it will help you in the future to have practiced self-appreciation if you ever find yourself feeling down in the future.

Also, try to avoid putting your life on pause while you wait for a cure. There are a million exciting adventures to experience still, and putting them off for too long is a damn shame!

It's true that there are a lot of organizations researching HSV, but you'll know it right away if a cyret becomes available because it will be all over the news. Unfortunately, many promising studies have failed in the past, and I personally suspect many more will fail in the future. Some potential cures turned out to be toxic and destroyed livers in test animals, yet can still be found through shady european sources apparently. So, be cautious about holding on to all your hope, just because there might be a cure one day. If you decide to take anything to treat HSV, make sure it is FDA approved. I've personally been hit up by scammers who tried to pedal banned, poisonous substances as if they were miracle cures (and subsequently reported them).


Other than that, here is a piece of personal experience that might help make you feel less distraught:

I went to the pharmacy to pick up my last prescription of valacyclovir a while back. It was for a 3 month supply. The pharmacy tech told me I was lucky I happened to request the prescription be filled that day, because they had just received their shipment. Turns out HSV medication flys off the shelves, even in my sleepy town. She said they usually run out in less than a week.

Only about 3.5 million people live in my city. In my town, less than 500,000 people.

This virus is so common, but I don't see people falling apart everywhere I go. In fact, I see happy families and fit, confident people. It gave me a lot of reassurance that things would be fine.

Now, I'm one of those fit, confident people that you'd never guess had HSV. Because it isn't that big of a thing, it's just a medical condition that keep an eye on occasionally.

To be honest, I've been in more pain from hemmeroids and been more worried by high blood pressure. HSV will go the same for you. It won't be a big deal for long!

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Thanks for your advice. I'm pretty early on for stages on how to deal with this virus so any advice is welcome with open arms for me so I appreciate it.


I know a cure might not come soon, but I don't see any harm being hopeful. I would never take anything not FDA approved and since having less outbreaks I'm less desperate for a cure but there are so many people out there suffering I just am hopeful for myself and them.


Thank you for commenting. It has given me more reassurance that I am not alone and there are people out there understanding of what I'm going through. Cant say I don't think about it all the time and am not constantly worried about getting in a relationship but I think hopefully one day I will be stronger because of this.

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Don't worry about the future as far as HSV. You will be able to build a meaningful relationship when you find the right person. You will be able to accomplish your goals and chase your dreams.

And you won't have thoughts about HSV weighing you down all the time. Soon, plenty of other things will start taking the spotlight again. In a strange way, having other, bigger issues than HSV will help you to feel normal again.

I'm currently back to being more worried about saving for retirement than anything else right now. While I'm super stressed about it at the moment, it's nice to be able to worry about something so far off!

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